A Young Lady Finds Her True Calling Living with the Enemy

“We demanded reparations, not a bride.”

Pressed into marrying a general of the enemy nation, she would find only her future husband’s rejection and a cold reception in her new homeland…

As the daughter of a powerful marquess in a small, prosperous nation, Bertine was raised with all the privileges and expectations befitting her station. Yet not long before her wedding day, the king orders her to marry Cecilio instead, a representative of the nation victorious against her own. For she was part of the war reparations. Resigned to her fate, despair in her heart, she crosses the ocean, bound for her new home.

But all that awaited her was Cecilio’s absence and his servants’ humiliating treatment of her. “I can’t rely on my parents or my status. So I shall gain the strength to survive here through my own efforts.” Alone and armed only with her resolve, Bertine flees the estate and begins to carve a path that will allow her to live in enemy territory…

A young lady possessed of a hidden talent for business. A general known as “The Battle-Crazed Savage.” And their love story, predicated by a misunderstanding and a negotiation starts here!


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  • it does seem like the series has concluded with volume 2. it feels a very rushed with a lot of the chapters being like summary of events. but i guess even in volume 1, the FMC already achieved what the title says, “A Young Lady Finds Her True Calling Living with the Enemy”. So volume 2 is really just more of that, and wrapping things up. It’s not as enjoyable as the 1st volume, and despite the romance tag, there really much “romance” in both volumes IMO, which was a bit of a let down. As someone who enjoys Dahlia in bloom and can’t get enough of it, was hoping this series would fill the gaps in long wait between volumes… but looks like it’s a bust.

  • According to MAL this is already complete, only 2 volumes in length.

  • wasn’t expecting much going in but this was surprisingly enjoyable. read through vol 1 in one sitting. the set up is kinda nothing new and a little cliche, but the setting is kinda interesting since it’s not the usual fantasy/magic/reincarnation/regression type. Characters are lovable, especially the FMC, and their motivations behind their actions are mostly logical too. the writing is easy to read, though sometimes the pacing can feel a little fast since it’s more focused on the FMC’s actions and the results they bring. Which is also kinda nice in its own way. there is a decently interesting plot in the background too with decent world building. one of my favourite new series I’ve read recently, and hoping there’s more to come. Not much “romance” so far in volume 1 though which I think is actually nice to see since it lets the characters grow a bit first. I think the writing style is perhaps not as polished, but if you enjoy Dahlia in bloom, i think you’ll like this too.

  • The cover is good enough, let me taste it.

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