Even Dogs Go to Other Worlds: Life in Another World with My Beloved Hound

Everyone Knows Humans Get Transported to Other Worlds, But Now Dogs Do Too?!

Takumi is a wage slave who works overtime all the time. Only his little Maltese, Leo, can brighten his day. One day, however, he wakes up to find himself deep in an unknown forest. At his side is his pampered pup…who’s now a giant mythical wolf! With his silver Fenrir companion and his mysterious new “Herb Cultivation” power, he’ll finally have the laid-back life he’s always dreamed of!

Join Takumi and his giant fluffy hound in a carefree romp through this otherworld fantasy tale!

Fantasy, Romance

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Official Cross Infinite World

Vol 1-4 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 4

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  • like some mentioned, it’s SLOW, and the author REALLY likes to end things on a cliff hanger despite how slow it is. and after reading volume 3, I feel like the MC might be a bit slow in the head too. despite everything that is going on, he seems to intentionally go out of his way to put himself in danger, and despite how smart his dog is supposed to be, keep letting him put himself in danger. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or perhaps this is just the author’s way of “spicing” things up and introducing something higher stakes by putting MC in danger. but then his behaviour during that crisis is too illogical to me plus the outcome is so predictable that it just felt annoying. Thought it had some promise, but will probably drop this.

    • Yeah I just finished volume 3 and I have to say that last part was absolute garbage. I couldn’t even take the end seriously due to how it played out and how he can’t seem to put obvious facts together or have any sort of forward thinking. I did enjoy volume 1 and most of 2, but 3 was a real low note and I think I’m going to drop it too.

  • i have a bad feeling about this.. lately the ones ive read ended with “the real heroine is the one who is the most closest with the mc”.. no matter the age, the race, it always ended in that kind of ending.. with all this context clues i think you already know where this post going so im not gonna say it directly..

  • Would be funny if the dog get all the harem.

  • I personally like slow-life light novels, and i also like this one.
    I think i would give it a 7.5/10.
    It is different from the usual: MC comes to another world, immediately knows what’s going on, discovers his own OP abilities immediately.
    Here the MC takes a while to figure out what he can do, it’s his dog that is super OP.
    However i do have a few problems, while i don’t mind slow life, the firste volume takes place over a period of maybe 2 weeks, and even though MC knows he has mana, magic exists and has heard a few incantations he had no interest of figuring out his magic abilities, yes he was busy messing around with his gift but he definitely had a day to himself after learning all of this and getting busy again.
    I have only finished Volume 1 so far, i will go for volume 2, i personally like it, but i can see some problems that could turn off people.

  • I try to give this another chance. But vol 2 is so boring.

  • I’ll give this a 5.5/10, it loses most of its points in how annoyingly slow (plenty of mundane filler stuff in there) the story progresses and its ridiculous apology back and forths are also annoying.

    The story has potential but it’s not written in a very satisfying way. I mean just when one of the most fun aspects of fantasy (magic) is addressed, the author thinks it’s a good idea to interrupt things en then never get back to it. Well not in vol 1 anyway which has a higher than usual page count but feels like only half a volume. It’s quite unnatural too, as the main character wanted to be a wizard as a kid, yet he doesn’t even try a simple every day magic spell. He got tested and all to see if he had potential in that department and he does but trying it out noooooooooo.. Yes he does do a reasonable amount of testing his special ability (growing weeds, falls outside of the magic system no mp cost) but not a minute spent on magic.

    p.s. The dog’s size doesn’t add up. It seem inconsistent, it does not have a size changing ability.

    • Not sure if my score should be lowered but I’ll tell you this, the 3rd vol is annoying the hell out of me. The editor really should scold the author for how he’s treating his audience.

      – Over explaining loads of times.
      – Overly polite all the time.
      – Overly thankful all the time (171 thanks; that’s close to every page!).
      – Overly apologetic for every little thing (76 sorry’s/apologies).

      If you read this volume be prepared to be sighing a lot like; sigh ‘here we go again another ‘apology”, sigh ‘here we go again another ‘useless thank you back and fort”, sigh ‘here we go again ‘walking on eggshells”, sigh ‘here we go again ‘you already said that”…

      We finally got some attention for magic but sadly all it leads to is producing some light (so far 3/4 in approximately). Disappointing he doesn’t even try to do it chant less like Rudeus Greyrat immediately did after his first spel (and succeeded, trying is important).

  • LMAO, I remember there is birb isekai-ed and become priest, and then doggo 👌

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