The Tales of Marielle Clarac

As a plain, unassuming noble’s daughter, Marielle doesn’t stand out in high society. Imagine her surprise when she receives a marriage proposal from the sought-after Simeon, second-in-command of the Royal Order of Knights! Simeon, the heir to an earldom, is highly accomplished in scholarly and military arts—and he’s gorgeous. So why did he propose to such an unremarkable noblewoman? Despite being a target of envy and scorn, Marielle is happy. After all, Simeon seems to be exactly her type: a dashingly handsome man with glasses who appears gentle on the outside, but who has a dark and scheming side! Welcome to Marielle’s world, where people aren’t always what they seem—and a prim, proper exterior can hide the heart of a sly and devious fangirl!

Associated Names –
Marieru kurarakku no konyaku

Genre –
Romance, Comedy

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

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Comments 21

  • 5 volumes in and so far so good. in fact, great. love the characters, FMC is frustratingly loveable, her interactions with others are funny, the humour and comedic elements are right up my alley, the pacing and writing is excellent, characters seems to have development and growth, and it has an interesting plot for each volume. This is mightily impressive to me considering the writer even admits early on that they thought it would just be a one and done thing. But yet, each volume while having its own main arc still builds upon previous volumes and the world here. Even though it’s namely a romance series with quirky characters and no “save the world” type of overarching plot, and even though the main couple got together decisively early on, it still manages to keep thing interesting to read for me. even though i just finished volume 5, i can’t wait to read the next volume already. maybe when i catch up to the latest release i’ll share more of my thoughts again, and hopefully, the next 5 volumes are all just as good!

  • Thank you for volume 9 !

  • Many thanks for volume 8 !

  • Volume 8 is out ! Would it be possible to upload it here ?

  • an idiot heroin with no sign of reflection. complete disappointment

  • 6 is so good, my fave volume in the series

  • Thanks for volume 6! Finally, the spotlight is on the secondary couple, I can’t wait!

  • Volume 6 has been released could you please upload it here? Thanks!

  • Thank you to the kind soul who shared vol5.

  • Is it end already??

  • The earlier volumes used to have to wait until we have an uploader, but the 4th is here now. Does this mean we’re popular now? Ohoho

  • Thank you so much for volume 3 !

  • the third volume is out could you please upload it 😁

  • Hello,
    Since volume 3 was released, I’ve been coming here everyday to check if it was available. If a kind soul would make the effort to upload it, I would be really grateful.

  • Like Naxx is out, New volume of the Marielle is out as well.

  • Marielle started off quite shoujo but turns into josei gradually, especially in volumes 5 and beyond. But what are considered characteristics that would make it suitable for male readers?

  • do not worry we are everywhere

  • Is this shoujo style romance novel or is it also suitable for male readers ?
    Any male readers here ?

  • Thanks for sharing. *whispers* volume 2 is out now

  • I was waiting this series in here. Honestly, seeing “Bibliophile Princess” in here but not “Marielle” made me kind a sad. Ofc, im following these series in JNC but still getting e-book in here makes me happy.

  • Arigatou 😭😭😭🤧🤧when I was thinking to buy this but you got it first

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