The Abandoned Heiress Gets Rich with Alchemy and Scores an Enemy General!

A Tsundere Love Story!

Chloe is an alchemist of (self-proclaimed) rare beauty. She used to be the esteemed daughter of a duke, but three years ago her engagement was suddenly annulled and she was stripped of her title and privileges! With nowhere else to go, she became an alchemist’s apprentice until she was rich enough to have her own alchemy shop in the royal capital! Now a penny-pincher, Chloe goes out of her way to purchase Julius, the former general of an enemy kingdom dubbed the Black Prince for his cruel nature and cold-heartedness! She purchased him to be her bodyguard so she can more efficiently gather materials for alchemy, but his personality is just awful! And yet, Chloe finds herself slowly drawn to Julius despite his incessant teasing…

What kind of love will bloom between this gorgeous alchemist and her snarky, tsundere general?!

Fantasy, Magic

Translation Group
Official Cross Infinite World

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 2

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Comments 2

  • Read up to Vol 2

    Surprisingly decently written. Skips right over a fair few tropes you´d think off when starting to read it, but also feels quite accelerated in plot and progression.

    The synopsis and title are basically only for the first half of the first volume. The plot is well inspired/similar to other LNs of the genre, but also well enough written.

    FMC and MC have both similar but different issues to work through, a mild amount of actual social awkwardness instead of pure denseness is there.
    The names alone (FMC´s mother´s name, name of the first BBEG in Vol 1) are quite foreshadowing.
    The “stuff is forced” feeling comes from the accelerated plot progression, in my opinion;
    The amount of romance/social interaction in Vol1&2 could easily be written out longer over 4 Volumes, for example.

    While death and harm happen, its not anywhere near a whiplash effect of “OMG VICIOUS VIOLENCE AND DEATH/ everything is good in the end” writing, thankfully.

  • gave this a shot because i was bored, and it’s actually not bad at all. underneath the outlandish and click baity title lies an interesting enough story and likeable FMC. there are some parts that feels a little forced, but it’s an easy read overall.

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