Fake It to Break It! I Faked Amnesia to Break Off My Engagement and Now He’s All Lovey-Dovey!

Viola wants nothing more than to break off her dull arranged engagement with Phillip. He’s the son of a duke, and Viola is thoroughly convinced she’s an unfitting future wife for a man of his station. Worst of all, he seems utterly uninterested in her. So when Viola is in a carriage accident, she takes the opportunity to fake amnesia in hopes of getting out of her betrothal. Little does she know Phillip is also an opportunist, and he takes advantage of the situation by feeding the “amnesiac” Viola a tale she can scarcely believe—that they’ve been passionately in love this entire time!

Now trapped in her own lie, Viola is forced to play along. Can this curious couple outwit each other into happiness? Or will their bizarre web of deception get them both caught?

Associated Names
When I Faked Amnesia to Break off My Engagement, My Fiancé Casually Told Me a Ridiculous Lie—“You Were in Love With Me Before You Lost Your Memory.”
Konyaku Haki wo Neratte Kioku Soushitsu no Furi wo Shitara, Sokkenai Taido datta Konyakusha ga “Kioku wo Ushinau Mae no Kimi wa, Ore ni Betabore datta” to Iu, Tondemonai Uso wo Tsuki Hajimeta

Comedy, Josei, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life

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Comments 3

  • this looks very promising. When is the Pdf coming?

  • Haven’t read it yet. But instead of funny, she might mean silly.

    Odd, silly, funny situation.

    You know when people say :
    it’s a funny story actually, so xxxx happen.

    It’s not really a haha funny, more of a heh smirk. Funny.
    Does that sound family

  • In the afterword the author says this is supposed to be comedic. Idk if it means something else in Japanese or my humor is dead but I didn’t laugh even once. I did however enjoyed the story a lot. It’s pretty much a self contained little heart warming soap opera. Cute cute, the art was nice too. It will apparently have a volume 2, I’m not sure there’s enough thread to pull but it’s medicine for my soul so I don’t mind reading some more.

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