Tearmoon Empire

Surrounded by the hate-filled gazes of her people, the selfish princess of the fallen Tearmoon Empire, Mia, takes one last look at the bleeding sun before the guillotine blade falls…

Only to wake back up as a twelve-year-old! With time rewound and a second chance at life dropped into her lap, she sets out to right the countless wrongs that plague the ailing Empire. Corrupt governance? Check. Border troubles? Check. Natural calamities and economic strife? Check.

My, seems like a lot of work.

Hard work and Mia don’t mix, so she seeks out the aid of others, starting with her loyal maid, Anne, and the brilliant minister, Ludwig. Together, they strive day and night to restore the Empire. Little by little, their tireless efforts begin to change the course of history, pushing the whole of the continent toward a new future.

And why did the selfish princess have a change of heart, you ask? Simple—she didn’t. She’s just terrified of the guillotine. They hurt like hell, and Mia hates pain more than work.

Lazy, selfish, and a complete coward, the ill-equipped princess of the Tearmoon Empire, armed with memories of her past life and a diary from the future, tries to avoid dying at the guillotine again and changes the very course of history in the process!

Genre –
Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo

Associated Names –
Tearmoon Teikoku Monogatari
Tearmoon Empire Story

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club ver

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Latest Update: Vol 11

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  • next volume will come out by the end of april
    so its probable that it will be available on this site by the first days of may

  • Man, I can’t wait for vol 12. When will it release?

  • Volume 11 was a good point to end it but we do have some more thread to pull so I’m looking forward to more

  • Thinking of picking this up, what do people think about it?

  • Ah I finished reading volume 10, and although it was really good it was extremely inconclusive. I don’t recommend reading volume 10 without having access to volume 11 since the author promised the arc will climax there…

    It’s not like it has a cliffhanger or anything it just kinda ends before you know it

  • Yes! New volume, ty kindly

  • tem previsão de lançamento do volume 10?

  • When I started reading this series way back when, I enjoyed it but thought that the schtick of an air-headed FMC being that misunderstood would quickly run stale. But as the volumes went on and more was known about her, it became so hard not to find her endearing. Meanwhile, amidst whatever issue cropped up and was resolved, there is still a deeper more interesting underlying plot that was slowly unravelling and building up. Anyway, even up till volume 9, the comedic elements still gets a chuckle out of me, and the more serious/emotional events still tugs at my heartstrings. Even supporting characters in the story are also developing and growing steadily throughout the series and that growth is pretty satisfying to read (more so than the simpler “levelling up and becoming stronger” type of growth). So 9 volumes in, I think I can say that this is personally one of my favourite series around right now. Oh, and the art is still awesome (and super cute). Really hope the anime will do this series justice. 🙂

  • I wonder when volume 9 will be out. This time there is no news at all.

  • One of the most ruthless narrators ever. I don’t know who’s telling this story, but they really don’t like the protagonist. And it’s freaking hilarious. 9/10 comedy gold.
    Also occasional feels.

  • I cried. I literally cried reading the chapter of Mia and Anne’s friendship at the ened of volume 7.

  • volume 7 out!! Let’s goooo

  • Vol 7 is out letss gooooooooooo

    vol 6 is here

  • Still best masterpiece like Overlord or Eminence of The Shadows.
    Thank you very much

    • “masterpiece”? So you just read a copy-pasted overused format with no originality and call it masterpiece?

      You must’ve read literal shit

  • Thank you for vol 5

  • still no volume 5? so sad

  • Vol 5 is out today, hope to see it here soon

  • Pls add Volume 5 it’s out now

  • Just finished the fourth volume and I’d just like to say that it was so lovely. Out of everything I’ve read so far, this was by far one of the most enjoyable readings I’ve had.

    The story and casts are all amusing, while the plot thickens, the mmm…I can’t find the right words at the moment but in any case, the jokes still remain as natural as subtle as they’ve had from my perspective at least.

    In overall, this was such a worthwhile read, a hidden gem. I am looking forward to the next one.

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Volume 4 please already outt yess

  • OMG, tysm for the update

  • Volume 3 was a nothing volume nothing got resolved at all, just some election, was hoping for a proper arc

  • today is the release date of this.. I hope we can get the volume 3 sooner. I’m looking forward to it

  • World building could have been better, but otherwise fine as is to some extent. With all due respect, it is generally average or slightly better than the norm. That said, the sheer comical elements of the casts of characters are such a joy and quite a find. Despite how comical their situation seems in contrasts to its actual weight and seriously, it all works out and provides a somewhat soothing experience and vibe from my experience. Though, when it comes to the more serious latter of the equation, it can get exasperating if one is a stickler to depth in terms of a rather much more serious and rich lore and the likes. In any case, this was a wonderful read, reminds me of one of my favorite animes “Gamers” I think, in terms of the sheer comical and soothing vibe they have that somehow wonderfully works out in the end for the casts of characters and not just the MC’s.

    Can’t wait for the next volume, I find the MC to be so cute and innocent, despite her questionable personality and motives that leaves much to be desired of but nevertheless works in her favor with regards to the plot and such.

  • I am so looking forward for 12 Dec.

  • Thank you very much. I had just finished the first vol and really enjoyed it.
    This is a really interesting story with hilarious moments and intriguing plot. A nice break from the typical isekai with a proper story.

  • me sorry if spamming, but holy hell this novel reminds me of Overlord.

  • i need vol 3…

  • Edit, i give this novel a solid 9.5/10

  • at beginning of this novel is “loosely” base on history of ‘marie antoinette’
    a queen who got executed by guillotine after revolution.

    but just a few page though, the rest of story is pure fiction …. and it’s FUN

  • i give this a solid 8/10

  • Remember, if you like the novel, please buy it to support the authors so they can continue making more!

  • Thank u soooooooooooooo much really
    ill worship you people really
    since i read the priveiew i have been dying to read this

    • The first volume is actually pretty interesting, but by the end of volume 2 the whole “misunderstanding troupe” is just boring and overused.

      It’s a shame because i had some hope for this series, then it’s just become yet another shitty villainess cookie cutter format, Dropped it after few chapter into the third volume

  • Sasuga Mia-sama

  • Omg thank you for this! I was hoping that you guys will release this one since I loved the free preview over at JNC. xD

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