Revolutionary Reprise of the Blue Rose Princess

Changing Fate By Changing Loyalties!

On the night of the Star Festival, an event to celebrate the founding of the proud, illustrious Kingdom of Heilland, Queen Alicia was stabbed through the chest and killed by revolutionary soldiers storming the castle… Or so she thought. Princess Alicia wakes on the morning of her 10th birthday, memories of the “Night of the Revolution” fresh in her mind, and realizes that she has been given a chance to redo her life. It’s not long before she comes face to face with the handsome and mysterious young man who killed her last time… Granted a chance at redemption by the whims of fate, Alicia works to change the disastrous future, this time with revolutionary mastermind turned princess aide Clovis by her side!

Associated Names
Aobara-hime no Yarinaoshi Kakumeiki
Redemption of the Blue Rose Princess

Fantasy, Romance. Shoujo

Translation Group
Official Cross Infinite World

Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 3

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Comments 4

  • Gave up after a few chapters. I find the behaviour of the FMC illogical and unbelievable. “He had only been her retainer for a short while, but Alicia found herself falling for her new dark-haired adviser. No matter how many times she was confronted with the horrific scenes from her previous life, she woke to remember this Clovis, earnestly serving her with all he had.”

    Keeping in mind that before she “time leaped”, she was killed by this Clovis, and she chose to die for the king she love despite KNOWING the king not loving her and him having a mistress. and not even that much time has passed yet. like bruh… a devoted love is touching for sure (if the target is worth it), but blind stupid love is just not likeable at all, and for a shoujo story of this type, the female main character not being likeable makes it impossible to enjoy the story or get invested in it since I don’t even care what happens to her at all.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I dropped a lot of shoujo because the FMC falls in love / gets the hots without rhyme or reason for guys that have NOTHING to them except maybe good looks. That makes those FMC’s so shallow and also just superficial and dumb. Nobody takes a girl like that serious or cares for her if she behaves that way.

  • Huh, I remember reading few chapters of the translated wn few years ago. Well, I might as well give the ln a try.

  • I dislike these type of stories where the killer from before time regression becomes the romance character in the new timeline.

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