Reincarnated Mage with Inferior Eyes: Breezing through the Future as an Oppressed Ex-Hero

Good grief. After spending years traveling across the world, saving towns, defeating demons, and then finally killing the demon king, my party—the people I considered comrades—decided to kick me out. I’d honestly thought that they’d be different. They wouldn’t be like the rest of the world, who irrationally hate people like me, with Amber Eyes. But…I was wrong.

In the end, it’s not their fault, though. It’s just how the world was back then. I was sure that with more time and understanding, the world would shed their preconceived notions about those with Amber Eyes and treat us as they would anyone else. I held on to this hope as I used my unique magecraft to reincarnate myself two hundred years into the future. Now, it’s time to find out if my guess was right!

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Fantasy, Sci-Fi

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  • Update on my last comment… Volume 2 still has very few words at 28k, it’s consistent at least… I was thinking the illustrations looked a lot like reign of the seven spellblades and guess what? They’re the same person lol. I’d say this beats reading the manga but it’s still behind it

  • Wow the first volume is ridiculously short, it has 28k words compared to a normal LN that usually has around 80k this took me less than 30 minutes.

    The story is not really that good but it’ll be over before you know it, I kinda like the main love interest, Lilith, though.. anyway I was hoping to get ahead of the manga cause I was curious but no luck at this rate it’ll take a handful of volumes too… The illustrations(of the LN) are pretty good though kind of a shame tbh

  • Man, novels like this make me want to move to Japan. If people can make money off of such a generic light novel as this, then I should be able to make a quick buck.

    This is the most generic of all the generic light novels. Not to mention it’s INCREDIBLY short. There’s absolutely nothing unique about this novel.

  • So after reading vol. 1 I’m a bit torn. The story seems to develop nicely but the book is just too damn short. It’s basically only three chapters, a prologue explaining who the MC is and showing how he is going into reincarnation, a chapter how he comes to the new age 200 years later and finds some “friends” but in generally all he does is studying about the new world in the library and in chapter 3 how he takes the entrance exams for the magic academy. When he is admitted the volume ends. It took me maybe two hours to read.

    The story isn’t anything special but it’s also not bad, there is also some foreshadowing of upcoming school tournaments and upcoming war looming. For now I will keep an eye out for future volumes.

    • *Sigh* it continues to be ridiculously short and the MC starts to collect quite the harem (Vol. 2 and 3). And of course there are schoolmates who don’t mind r*ping girls so MC can rescue them. So stupid! The story really takes a dive in those parts. Those girls are nobles, the guys would be executed without a second thought. The school is depicted as pure anarchy yet the MC is scared of the curfew because breaking it would get a student severely punished. Really? Would it? But beating other students up and stuff won’t have consequences? My goodness author, make your story a bit more congruent.

      The main story is still progressing nicely, still nothing special but also still not bad.

  • I get that it’s Japanese LN naming sensibilities, but seriously, what the hell is that title? 😵‍💫

    • The MC has amber eyes, before he reincarnated they were seen as demons’ eyes and he was in risk of being prosecuted. Now in the future they are seen as the eye colour of people who can’ use magic. But since he was an archmage before he of course is actually the strongest magician.

      I just started reading it but so far, I have to admit, it is pretty mediocre. Not the worst but also nothing special the first few chapters in.

    • it is because the translation.

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