Raven of the Inner Palace

Deep within the palace’s walls lives the secluded and mysterious Raven Consort. Some say she is an old woman, while others claim she is young and beautiful. What all stories agree upon is that she has the power to exorcise spirits, lay fatal curses, and find lost objects–for a price. When the young emperor arrives at the door of the Raven Consort seeking magical assistance, his request could shake up the palace…or perhaps even the entire kingdom.

Associated Names
Koukyuu no Karasu
Kōkyū no Karasu
Quạ chốn hậu cung
The Raven Consort

Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Shoujo, Supernatural

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

Vol 1-5 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 5

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Comments 9

  • thanks for your work, could you add volume 6 ? please

  • Where’s volume 6? it’s already out weeks ago.

  • the earlier volumes has been sitting in my library for the longest time and i’ve been putting it off since I already watched the anime. after reading volume 1, i’m reminded of why I like the anime. the writing here is good imo. nice pacing, never too confusing, easy to read, and it sets the scene and the mood of the characters well enough that it’s easy to imagine the scene in my head. I’m wondering if that’s why the anime adaptation is good too since the source material was easy to work with. hopefully the later volumes are also just as good.

  • I love this novel ! it’s really a good one !
    I saw vol 4 is available, do you have this volume ?

  • Let’s goooooo….!!!

    Finally, an English TL for this series.

    • So I take it you like this series, is it a heavy or Lighting read ? Just political talk or what ? Would you recommend for someone who isn’t really into political novels ?

      • Let’s see…

        Judging from the anime, because I haven’t read the novel at all, let’s say we have Kingdom Drama and Supernatural ratio, this series is about 30:70.

        The kingdom drama isn’t as thick as Akatsuki no Yona, but the supernatural part is closer to Mushishi, if you have watched any of those series of course.

        In summary (TL;DR), it’s about Raven Consort who solves supernatural problems in the kingdom. There is a slight romance within it also, so there’s that.

        I hope my summary can help you. 😁

        • It did help and it does sound interesting, I quite enjoyed both akatsuki no Yona and Mushishi too (with mushishi being one of my favorite series really) so now I’m very curious about this series.

          Thx for the info, I’ll definitely give it a chance.

      • Yeah. While there’s politics, its more supernatural than political. It’s really good. Great characterization and story, zero dubcon or ‘fan service’.

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