Maiden of the Needle

Yui Nuir was reincarnated into a noble family of tailors in another world, retaining her memories of her previous life in Japan. Her miserable childhood had just one source of comfort: the fairies she befriended by mending their clothes with her magic. Unfortunately, Yui’s relative lack of skill in blessweaving—the art of enchanting fabric through needlework—ultimately results in her being disowned by her family. But when she’s taken in by a nobleman named Rodin Calostira, the first person to recognize her innate talents, her luck begins to turn around…

Associated Names
Hariko no Otome
The Seamstress Girl

Drama, Fantasy, Seinen

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 2

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Comments 2

  • Volume 2 is out. Can someone post it?

  • It has a lot of exposition, but I guess that’s acceptable for a first volume. It’s also an isekai, even though it doesn’t read like there is a need for it to be an isekai. It could have just been any other fantasy. Pacing is also all over the place, but overall I think it’s a nice read. Looking forward to how this series develops.

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