My Instant Death Ability is So Overpowered, No One in This Other World Stands a Chance Against Me!

Growth cheats? Infinite magic power? The ability to utilize all archetypes? What’s the point if instant death ends everything with a single attack?

High school senior Yogiri Takatou was on a school field trip when he woke up to a dragon assaulting his sightseeing bus, with the only ones still on the bus being him and his female classmate, the panicking Tomochika Dannoura. Apparently the rest of his classmates had been given special powers by Sion, a woman who introduced herself as Sage, and escaped from the dragon, leaving those that hadn’t received any special powers behind as dragon bait.

And so Yogiri was thrown into a parallel universe full of danger, with no idea of what just happened. Likewise, Sion had no way of knowing just what kind of being she had summoned to her world.

Associated Names:
Instant Death
Sokushi Cheat ga Saikyou Sugite, Isekai no Yatsura ga Marude Aite ni Naranai n Desu ga
The Other World Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against The Power of Instant Death

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen

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Comments 41

  • One of the funniest series I’ve read in recent months, top tier 10/10 master piece. I would have liked it to last longer. But hey, all things eventually come to an end, this LN makes it clear.

  • Its been a wild ride. But sure I enjoyed it a lot. The story concluded things with many characters, but it left us with an open ending.

    Unless the author planning to write a sequel or a story connected to this, I wish he would at least give us an epilogue that tell us about their future. Will Yogiri and Tomochika relationship ever progress? Will Hanekawa find his harem? So many questions…

  • The ad redirect links are so awful on this site, the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ve stopped downloading and just use this site to check for new rips now lol. They really want to get that 10 cents out you so matter what even though you can download the rips elsewhere.

  • oh vol 13 released … now i just have to wait 69 years before i get the pdf version

  • day ∞ of asking where the hell is the pdf version ???

  • it has been eternity but still no pdf update

  • whoa vol 12 released …

    now I just have to wait for 10-15 days before the pdf version releases

  • The dynamic between the MCs is pretty interesting.

    As usual, the comments are NOT really helpful in actually describing anything.

    The MC is seemingly completely overpowered, the female MC actually also has some measure of normal power and is actually character development material.

    The world is one of the types i actually dislike the most:
    “Everyone is an asshole, everything´s bad, etc”
    The settings tech is developed, but at the same time, its the worst kind of tyranny all around, including a complete disregard for the lives of anyone else by the powered up elites and a general “Everyone is a selfish asshole” vibe.

    However, add the MC being almost One-punch-man to such, along with the female MC being way more “normal” in behavior and reaction..and power, its actually a fun enough read.

    • Yeah it is fun to read. Foundation, Sea, Universe concepts are also interesting.

      Plots are fine. I said fine. not things great about the story itself. But not like the most of isekai, it have its own style(that’s what i think).I enjoy this kind of adventure genre other than too much actions.

  • Duuuude damn all this suspicious pop up..the heck man..

  • If the mc is not as op as title i doubt that the story can get even up to 3 volume in that world coz its so easy to die in that world setting, coz no rule whatsoever even in the town just from a whim, tbh i like the both the mc and fl character both (or more like the author) seems like critisize the common hero and heroine trope (the justice thinking from hero though ignoring their own safety or the result of their action, and the heroine that only have kindness which limiting the hero just because its not suit humanity or something like that on top of being baggage) which even blatantly writtten in the conversation lmao

  • that’s how they were released

  • I just wanna praise the creativeness of the author cause damn, the boring looking name is a lie

  • No particular genre just an op character sightseeing like death march but the side stories are quite good.

  • when will Volume 6 be out?

  • Is this harem?

  • I still read the webnovel every now and then. I wonder how different the LN is with WN.

  • Oh. Finally, an illustration where tomochika actually looks like she has ‘big’ boobs. You couldn’t really call her big in the previous illustrations. I was always kinda bothered with that.

  • To give you an idea of what kind of story this is. Schoolbus suddenly finds itself on a grassy plane (dragon territory). Then this murdering ‘sage’ girl enters the bus blows up the head of the teacher and incinerates the bus driver just because.. Tells them to vie for becoming a sage themselves and if none succeeds they wil be put in small spaces to be drained of energie or something like that. Some of them don’t get any starter skills and are left behind, a dragon attacks the bus sexually and skewers one of the remaining with his dick. All the wile our (lame as F) MC is just sleeping, as he finally wakes up he’s totally unmoved by the whole situation, nothing moves him except his gaming handheld.

    Yeah pretty much the only thing this story has going for it is the side character and her potential growth.

    • Dude, the entire point of the novel is to have the MC just roflstomp his enemies. Ofcourse he’s “boring” just imagine it, he’s playing a game where all his enemies die before a fighr ensues. It’s no ‘fun’, like when you cheat in an rpg or any game for that matter. The story is just one of those masturbatory stories where the MC cannot be defeated. It’s kinda like he has plot armor, but more blatant. If you don’t like those kinds of stories then just don’t read it, stop dissing it, cause you look stupid. Like, someone complaining that the characters kiss when the story is romance themed, or complaining how the story has too much gore when its horror themed.

      • “Like, someone complaining that the characters kiss when the story is romance themed, or complaining how the story has too much gore when its horror themed.”

        It’s more like it’s character driven but with characters without any character.

        Don’t be so butthurt, dude, you’re the one looking stupid here!

    • What did the dradon skewer? The bus or a person? I’m a bit confused there..

  • So one thing about this LN is that MC is less of a person and more of a SCP

  • meh. it wont probably get any decent plot.. just some op mc powers plus couple fanservice or romcoms. screw story development.

  • Loose my interest just reading the tittle..

  • eh. another op mc. screw effort, training and hardwork if you have that insta death. plot also died.

  • Is this good? Or a typical japanese op mc with fukin s2pid plot?

    • It’s basically isekai one-punch man except with a much smaller supporting cast. idk man it’s just kind of middle of the road.

  • Huh, genuinely surprised this got picked up for an official release. Remember reading the Web Novel a few years back.

    • Ikr it’s such a weird series as well im surprised this got picked, I am interested in following it though even though it was so weird it was interesting it was too bad one of the translators who took it over did such a poor job it was kinda unreadable, so I’m excited to actually know what’s going on now with a better translation.

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