I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss

Villains Have Their Own Routes Too!

When her engagement to the prince ends unceremoniously, details of the young noblewoman Aileen’s past life come rushing back and help her realize she’s living inside the world of one of her favorite otome games—as the heroine’s greatest rival! However, her memory has more plot holes than bad fan fiction…and the only certainty is that if she doesn’t do something quick, her death is all but assured. The hero/main-love-interest can’t be relied on, so why not see what the last boss has to say?

Associated Names –
Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita
Villainous Daughter Aims for the Last Boss
I’m the Villainous Daughter, So I’m Keeping the Last Boss

Genre –
Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-7 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 7

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Comments 23

  • I was really looking forward to volume 8. Despite the previous comments I enjoyed the heck outta all the volumes after Vol3,

  • This series is fun, but it keeps pushing on past its endings. Volume 1 was (understandably) rather self contained. Volume 3 was a natural conclusion to the foundations from the first volume that were built upon in the second, and the best place to end things. Volume 4 was a fun little add-on that was cute but didn’t do anything special. Volume 5 was the first colume that didn’t have a conclusion to itself, feeling more like half of a book than the middle part of a trilogy (think Deathly Hallows part 1, not Empire Strikes Back). Volume 6 was a second, and significantly less good, conclusive ending to the series. Volumes 5 and 6 were just really messy, and I think the author/translator actually mixed up two of the characters a few times.

    Now there’s a seventh entry and I will not be reading it. I would recommend to most people who like cheesy romcoms, just read the first 3 and pretend that’s all there is.

  • Regardless of how good or bad the story is, the game which the main character keeps referencing sounds like a horrible trash that just introduces “happy ends” out of nowhere, a game that should be nowhere near popular as the main character claims it to be. Most indie games sound more appealing.

  • Wow! I love this so much! I got addicted after I watched the anime!

  • Thank you for the update ! ^_^

  • Surprisingly decent read.

    The comfy and entertaining nature of the conversations and writing was surprising.
    As was the lack of whiplash between good and bad events and severity.
    Pretty decent and enjoyable read.

  • Thank you!!!!! ^_^

  • Oh shit Gilgamesh has crashed the story!!! xD

  • Thank you!! Waiting for the PDF update ^_^

  • I just know that the novel will be updated at 8 november 2022. Thank you so much for all your novel. Truly. Thank you so much. I’m sorry for my ignorance

    • vol 4 is currently rejected to be posted on the site (due to lack of funds and priority), you can donate to boost this ln or for it to be posted, or you can wait until someone pays for it to be uploaded here

  • Please give me more volume.

  • I would love it if you upload 4 -9 volume s of this

  • very very recomended novel if you want alternative baka rina where female mc is a chad. lol

  • This is a good villainess series but the manga was really really really RUSHED. (heck it’s finished, even.) so i don’t know what the light novel’s full content is.

    • I read the first volume, and it feels like the story is finished already. I wouldn’t all it rushed though. It’s simply a decent full story, I’m just not sure how the next volumes are going to integrate in the whole. Are they going to feel like add-ons or proper story continuations?

      • Its actually a proper story since the otome game had at least two seasons. Volume 2 was also good.

      • My problem with it is that the heroine seems to loose agency and autonomy with every novel with some big gesture at the end to show that’s not really true, after it being true for most of the novel

    • hello, i was wondering if the vol 1-3 is completed? coz i read somewhere this series had 9 total volumes?

      • vol 1-3 is complete, vol 4 is going to be released on nov 8 but is currently rejected (on the discord due to lack of funds, you can donate to help boost this ln), vols 5-9 are only currently in Japanese and will take a while for the official eng trans

    • Hi please update 4-9

      • the ln official eng translation is currently vol 1-4, you have to wait a long time for vols 5-9 since it is only currently released in japanese.

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