I Could Never Be a Succubus!

Liz, a young noblewoman, is a star pupil at her academy—talented, refined, generous, and the apple of everyone’s eye. But the day a legendary hero comes to the academy to convalesce, Liz, in spite of herself, does the unthinkable… She asks for the hero’s underpants!

Liz, as it turns out, has a secret. She was a member of the hero’s party until all her memories were stolen during a climactic battle—including the fact that she’s a demon of desire known as a succubus! She can hardly believe it when she reawakens to her completely out-of-character powers, but unfortunately for Liz, she’s about to find out that it’s not so easy to defy your true nature…

Romance, Sci-fi

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Comments 2

  • read this on whim and it’s actually pretty good. easy to read through, likeable characters, and surprisingly wholesome in some areas despite the ecchi premise. I think it probably deserves the comedy tag as well. I could imagine this being a pretty fun anime adaptation actually with some fan service.

  • Surprisingly fun, not much NSFW and not explicit.

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