The Greatest Magician’s Ultimate Quest – I Woke from a 300 Year World of Disappointment

After a cruel and calculated reign, Kai Lekius, the Sanguinary King, brought stability and peace to his once fragmented land. Thus began his deathlike slumber as he awaited the rise of magic, leaving the rest in the capable hands of his brother. Three hundred years later, he wakes as a True Blood, an immortal vampire of immense power. However, even after all that time, magic hasn’t progressed at all! A nobility system, which he has no recollection of establishing, tyrannizes the weak and weary of the new world. Though it displeases him greatly, Kai must once again postpone his studies and save his people once and for all!

Fantasy, Sci-fi

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Comments 16

  • Written by a teenager properly s/he never left the house or touched the opposite gender.

    The edgy protagonist kills anyone who doesn’t agree with him.
    BS vampire hentai theme is more disappointing than Rosario + Vampire.

    Hard pass.

  • This LN is trash and so am I. I am out of good stuff to read and this fills the gap.

  • Yeah I enjoyed it too although it’s pretty shameless, but the the plot goes by pretty fast so it’s easy to read

  • I like this story unlike what the most other comments say. I am waiting for more to read.

  • Utterly cringe, boring and edgy. I couldn’t read more than a few pages before I deleted it from the e-reader. Sorry but there is nothing new or good about the story nor the literal style. I felt like I was reading a childs version of “magnum opus” litterature or an attempt at an epos.

  • Don’t mind me. I’m just here for the illustration.

  • Too edgy, to the point of being cringe. Mc is… perhaps he could be called shadow without the cid kagenou part? Op and ruthless to enemies guy with a harem of girls. He also bullies people with his op powers, countering enemy and showing how weak they are. A totally boring personality. It worked in the eminence because mc had his cid side, plot was complicated and side characters were great. In this ln side characters are 2d, maybe exept that female knight, plot is simple and mc is boring. Mc is also a vampire. When he sucks blood he makes women go gyahh and orgasm? And he only sucks female blood, including from an illegal loli. I droped it. It simply was boring.

  • Alternate title: Woke up from 300 years only to became disappointment.

  • Incredibly based MC who treats women as they should be treated – like food. Not even his 10yr old maid is off the menu.

    Dropped after 1 volume.

    • That’s actually admirable of you, or enviable maybe? Cause I couldn’t get through the prologue/first part at all xD It’s too cringey for me. Maybe if the author tales his story in third-party’s view and not on the protagonist himself, kinda like Teogonia, then I would’ve gotten through this fast. But not when the first part was about explaining the drama he had created himself. Sheesh man, author give me a break pls.

  • Read up to Vol 1

    First “Yeaa” instead of “Year” in the title of the post.

    Decent enough read, slightly different take on the reincarnated king thing, as well as mild foreshadowing.

  • Ikr, the tit-tle caught my eyes.

  • That cover got my attention

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