I Want to Escape from Princess Lessons

Duchess Leticia Dorman has been betrothed to Crown Prince Clarke since age seven. She was once a rambunctious and free-spirited child, but the strict education she’s receiving to make her a fit future princess has really put a cramp in her lifestyle. Her only hope is that the prince might someday take an interest in someone else—so when Clarke shows up to a royal ball with an unknown woman at his side, Lettie is overcome with delight, presuming her dream has come true and her engagement has been broken off! She wastes no time retreating to an easygoing countryside life, but her newfound peace is cut short when the prince shows up and claims she’s still his fiancée! Clarke is determined to win Lettie over and marry her, while Lettie is determined to resist his charms and escape! Who will emerge victorious in this heart-pounding battle of wills?

Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi

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Comments 6

  • I came back again just to say this story sucks so don’t waste your time reading it like me… I couldn’t get past 50% through the story I gave up this is just too bad a story.

  • Couldn’t get past 100 pages
    FemC clearly doesn’t want the prince and makes an active effort to him fall for some one else.
    It doesn’t work but the prince and FemC’s BROTHER pretend it does only for her to get one days worth of freedom before she’s forcible dragged back to the palace and now she’s falling for him??
    Just seems like Stockholm syndrome

    The premise seemed good but the story is baaaaaad, if she never fell for him it would have made the story at least 50% better

  • If you think childhood captivity, stalking and forced marriage are comedy gold, this is the novel for you. There is no point where the ml or the mc’s brother listen to a single thing she says because only their personal wants matter. A truly infuriating read and it’s not only genuinely disturbing that the author found this a funny concept, but that it’s popular enough for j-novel club to have translated it. A grotesque waste of time that left me thinking that every single character besides the mc deserved a knife in the ribs.

  • Awesome! ly bad.

  • This is just…bad

  • Literally a third into Vol 1;

    MC wanted to not be married to prince and stuck to ten years of mildly abusive education and obligations.
    Prince loves her from early childhood meeting, but also realized that MC does not and MC wants to get him hitched to someone else and escape.
    Prince pretends that works, after dozens of attempts and other women, and MC has freedom.

    Prince then captures MC, locks her in ever increasing jail rooms (because the prince gives her leeway to escape and then to catch her every time in a different manner), prince clings and creeps on MC, and this is supposed to be a good story.

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