My Magical Career at Court Living the Dream After My Nightmare Boss Fired Me from the Mages’ Guild!

Magic is everything to Noelle. She loves it so much that she puts up with her horrible job at the Mages’ Guild to practice it. The hours are long, the pay is rock-bottom, and the boss is a nightmare! But as long as she has magic, she can withstand the hardships. At least, until the day she hears these dreaded words:“You’re fired.”

Noelle’s hometown in the outskirts of the kingdom doesn’t offer many alternatives for a career in magic—especially now that she’s been blacklisted from guild work! Just when it seems like all hope is lost, Noelle’s old friend Luke shows up to give her an opportunity she never could have imagined: a job as a royal court magician.

Now Noelle is living the dream, rubbing shoulders with the kingdom’s greatest magicians and showing off her skills. She has a beautiful new workplace and a generous new boss, but how will she cope with intense entrance exams, her marriage-obsessed mother, and the rules of etiquette? What awaits Noelle in her magical new career?

Associated Names
Expelled From a Black Magic Item Craftsman Guild, I Was Picked up as a Royal Magician ~but It Was Too Late When I Realized That I Was Actually the Highest-Level Magician in the Kingdom. Starting a Happy Life Anew With Those Who Acknowledged Me in the Royal Court

Adventure, Fantasy, Josei, Romance

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  • I’m with lunox on this one here. It’s a comfortable read and besides that Noelle is an overpowered clueless airhead a real nice story. Nothing special but also nothing annoying. The male MC is in love with her but because she can’t read the signs and even dismissing them despite her mother constantly telling her she should go for him it goes nowhere for now. Also there probably is a rival lurking in the background already.

  • pretty easy and enjoyable read for the most part. lovable airheaded female MC, likeable love interest, interesting enough premise and supporting characters. it does like to switch viewpoints from time to time which can sometimes feel a little jarring, but it’s often not too long, and usually related to the female MC (expounding her abilities or just how other ppl views her actions), so it isn’t that bad. but definitely would be better if there were a bit less of it IMO. As for romance, there is a clear male MC for now, but there isn’t really much romance going on yet. Understandably so since it’s the first volume, and gotta let the author cook a bit longer first. a decent start for a first volume. at the base of it, i think it has similar cliches to Dahlia in bloom which is a series i really enjoyed, so if you like that, you might like this too. I think it’s not quite at the same level in terms of the quality of writing, but it’s good enough that I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time reading it.

  • Loving all this josei recently. Thanks! 😁

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