I Kept Pressing the 100-Million-Year Button and Came Out on Top


On the verge of flunking out of Grand Swordcraft Academy due to his total lack of talent, Allen Rodol’s life goes from bad to worse when the class prodigy challenges him to a duel where it’s win or face expulsion. However, the night before his hopeless bout, a mysterious hermit grants Allen a button that will give him one hundred million years to train in an alternate reality when pressed. Allen not only gladly accepts the offer but also goes back for seconds, thirds, tenths even! With over a billion years of straight practice under his belt, the world is about to see what the “Reject Swordsman” can really do!

Associated Names –
Ichiokunen Button o Rendashita Ore wa, Kidzuitara Saikyou ni Natteita ~Rakudai Kenshi no Gakuin Musou~
The Failed Swordsman Who Became the Strongest After Spamming the 100 Million Years Button
I Realised that I Became The Strongest After spamming the 100 Million Years Button – The Dropout Swordsman that Became Unparralled

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shounen

Translation Group
Official Yen Press ver

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Latest Update: Vol 6

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  • DId the mc finally learn new and cooler skills or is it still just the same one he’s using even in the WN?? I’d cry if he still hasn’t learn any new skill… esp. sword skills

  • I left a review on a site I used to use, but this is the first time seeing this series here.

    I only read the first book and I’m still baffled that a second, or beyond, was made. It’s pure nonsense. They sent a mentally unstable child out of the village, knowing that if he was compromised it could spell disaster. They gave him no training before doing so. Then even after the absurd amount of time training, he’s still barely strong enough to beat one of his opponents AT SCHOOL?

    I always suspend my disbelief going into stories. You know, the story can’t happen if certain things don’t’ transpire. So my mentality is normally “it’s the story of what happened if X, Y, and Z occurred?”. This isn’t that, it’s not even fantastical, it’s just dumb.

  • I only read volume 1 and I have one thing to say and it is the mentality of the mc after doing all that training. Who in the right mind would believe that this guy has been training for 100 million or billion at this point since to the series it doesn’t even fking matter. What is the point of spending 100 million years if he doesn’t grow mentally. Go read the world least interesting swordman and you will see how to actually write someone who actually experienced life for a long time. World least interesting swordman isn’t the best either but I actually enjoyed it for the mentality of the mc. There literally no reason to read this series because it has zero unique thing about this story other than the time he took to train and that might as well be nothing.

  • Look the first 4 books were average but an easy read and interesting enough…

    Volume 5 is garbage. I’m sorry its horrible.

    1. His powers grow by magnitudes and theres like no progression. In like 2 sentences the Mc says, hey I’m more powerful after my near death experience… And that’s about it. He doesn’t try out anything new and doesn’t tests his skills. He’s just like, yeah guess I can do x, y and z now.

    2. The absolute worst part. The thing that made me put the book down…

    The black org is hunting transcendants. The Mc is warned about this but the head master… Then he meets the branch master of the holy nights who is dressed as a jester, the manager says hey, do yall want to leave the country and train elsewhere… And the main characters literally just say sure… Eventhough the entire 4th novel was about tightening the boarders to protect everyone from the black org… Now they just happily leave without mentioning it to the headmaster or anyone else… And surprise surprise, they are sent to a war zone…

    It’s the laziest and most cringe inducing thing I’ve read recently. Instantly stopped reading.

  • An embarrassing effort by the author. First of all, the MC trains for 1 billion years which is just retarded. It should’ve just been 1,000 or so, because we’re supposed to believe that the MC just swung his sword for eons. The author has no sense of scale when it comes to time. People can barely stand to be in complete isolation for a year. To top it off, despite all the effort, he still nearly gets his ass kicked by the end of v01 and has to be bailed out.

  • Yup its a hot pile of garbage, MC trained in isolation for a absurd amount of time that would make any human lose their sanity. Even after all this the dude remains a wimpy mess with a serious inferiority complex. Poorly written and trash character development.

  • Hi,can you tell me where the illustrations are to be found,the inserts are missing…

  • What a cringe shit. I regret waste my time to read 2 first chapters. Trully garbage, how on earth this shit get Yenpress serialization in the first place. There are a lot greater LN that untouched yet.

  • Honestly one of the worst OP MC Web Novels i’ve tried reading. Stay far away from the LN

  • fuck you dont talk about my favorite LN like that this novel is best mc is awesome not wimp this better to sword art online

  • This is one of the worst LNs that I’ve ever read. MC is a wimp even after training for more than a frickin billion years. He is a trash who couldn’t improve his mentality even with a cheat like this.
    Give this a try only if you are out of novels to read and want to just waste some time.

  • Sounds excessive. I mean living for that long in and of itself must be maddening, and you don’t even have to spam the button to get to that point. And how much is there even to master. I mean he’s still human at the end. A human can only swing a sword in so many ways. Would you even remember what got you into this alternate reality after a few millennia? And if you somehow do remember would you even care anymore?

    So I’ll assume its just an exaggeration and the story portrays someone who trained for let say 200y or so. Could stil be fun I guess in the sens of having an OP character beet down his enemies with absolute ease (can’t wait for the next lich disciple vol).

  • If you read the WN, the English translation has already reached the end of the series and it is not that long. I would say that if they follow the same plot for the LN, then there can only be about three volumes in total maybe even just two.

  • Imu sama, where is Village of Fate V2 pls

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