Moon Blossom Asura: The Ruthless Reincarnated Mercenary Forms the Ultimate Army

In her past life, Asura was a soldier of fortune who lived for the battle above all else. So when she reincarnates into a world with magic, she gladly takes up the mercenary’s path for a second time. Drawing upon her battle-hardened experience, she forms the mercenary group Moon Blossom and pioneers the concept of the soldier-mage: magic users who also fight with the skills and training of military soldiers. Roaming the battlefields of this new world, Moon Blossom—led by Asura and her unrivaled schemes, ruthlessness, and tactical ingenuity—earns a fearsome reputation. Thus the curtain rises on the dark fantasy epic of a young girl who is spoken of in fearful whispers as “The Silver Demon”!

Action, Gender Bender, Psychological

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Comments 5

  • Great one. Read it in one go. Definitely waiting for volume 2

  • Quite awhile since I’ve enjoyed a novel. Most of the characters were memorable in this novel, and did leave an impression,

  • This is a fun read. It’s like a mix of The Girl Who Ate a Death God and Youjo Senki.

  • Damnnn.. Why should there be a gender bender..!?!?

  • Just reading the first chapters in Vol 1;

    Do not think this is a take on Youji Senki/Tanya the evil.

    Its either baiting with insane(ly) twisted characters and vicious combat in the first chapters OR a plain clusterfuck of actual psychos in a mercenary party doing war things.

    Writing is decent, there is a “lack” of actual descriptions of gore and injuries, but the fighting is pretty intense and the characters on the MC´s side (and MC) are perhaps completely deranged compared to the rest of the world.

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