Rebuild World

The pinnacle of human civilization has come and gone, leaving only ruins in its wake. Society and science now struggle to rebuild, rediscovering scraps of knowledge from powerful ancient artifacts that defy comprehension. These relics of the “Old World” can make the fortunes of those who find them—if ancient security systems and rogue bioweapons don’t kill the relic hunters first.
Akira, a young street orphan, sets out to become one such hunter to escape his brutal life in the slums. Untrained, malnourished, and poorly armed, Akira would be lucky to make it back from the ruins alive—until an encounter with Alpha, a mysterious, ghostly woman, changes his fate forever. Alpha needs a hunter, and she’s willing to train Akira to get one. Will her support be enough to help a penniless kid from the slums climb to the top of a crushing and merciless world?

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Mecha, Mystery, Sci-fi, Seinen, Supernatural

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Latest Update: Vol 2 Part 2

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  • It’s pretty rare for a novel to be set in a post apocalyptic world. Akira is a pretty realistically portrait guy from the slums, however he is the same low libido teenager like so many others. The author tries to explain it with after seeing Alpha no real girl can’t compare with her so real life girls just don’t turn him on, meanwhile he is collecting at least a little harem. *Sigh* that’s not how libido works…

    Of course Alpha has her own goals, she’s an AI from the old world and Akira is one of the few people who can see her. So she choses to save him and train him since she has no physical body but needs someone who is able to physically reach a certain heavily guarded part of the old ruins.

    The world setting is nothing new for the genre but it is really well done. Political powers roam in the background far above Akira’s level but the stronger he gets the more glimpses he catches how the world operates.

    Akira is no OP protagonist, he is constantly on the verge of dying in battle and many foes are way stronger and unbeatable even with Alpha’s help (at least for now). The fighting scenes using all kinds of guns, liquid knives and wearing power suits, mechs and even on motorbikes are well written.

    This certainly is one of my favorite current LN’s.

  • Thak you so much 4 this

  • Wow
    Thank you so much

  • Ended up buying it from jnovel….could not wait… Though it is amazing that crap keeps getting published……………….

  • Can you upload Volume 2 Part Two? It was released on June

  • Please vote for Volume 2 Part 2 and get it out of rejected LNs, Santa Clauses…!!! T_T

  • did we miss new volumn???? should be out jun 16 right ????

  • Any news as to when it will be available here?

  • Thanks for this update!
    Still best Ln thus far!

  • Its actually Vol.1 Part.2 instead of Vol.2 Part.1
    Please fix to avoid future confusion.

  • Most amazing Ln period. No overpower mc. Great character development.

  • Pretty good! The world building is very great. But the gang making was kinda meh. Well, I dont really like Sheryl but since her illustration is next to the protagonist she will mostlikely become important for the story later on or something.

    Also, the cover kinda unfit the series. The title “World Rebuilding” makes you think it would be a kingdom management, but it’s actually a story about ruin exploration, maybe it’s how the story develops later, but I dunno. And it might have been better if the cover is the protagonist sneaking behind a wolf monster to shoot it, that would fit the story better but we all know how japan LNs are, it’s all about having waifus on the cover.

  • No pdf format… Folder is empty

  • pdf missing , plz reupload it

  • Holy crap! I can’t believe this got officially translated! This feels like Christmas!

  • One the best novel out there 👍
    Im currently chapter 275, it crazy good …maybe very good

  • Curious to see how the difference between the MTL and novel really is

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