My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer

The life of an adventurer isn’t always a glamorous one. Belgrieve finds this out the hard way when a deadly encounter robs him of his leg and the ability to pursue his dreams not long after setting off for fame and fortune. But fate isn’t finished with this retired adventurer! While gathering herbs in the wilderness, he discovers an abandoned baby girl and names her Angeline after deciding to raise her as his own. Angeline grows up to become a top-tier adventurer in her own right, yet after venturing out into the world and making a name for herself, fame, fortune, and power hold no allure for the accomplished S-rank adventurer: her heartfelt wish is for nothing more than to see her father again.

Associated Names –
Boukensha ni Naritai to Miyako ni Deteitta Musume ga S Rank ni Natteta
My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer
My Daughter who Left for the Capital to Become an Adventurer Reached S Rank

Genre –
Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-9 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 9

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  • Is epub 5-9 broken for any1 else as of September 2023. Downloads fine but seems corrupted. Volume 1 through 4 worked fine.

  • Dont tell me she is her daughter with her father!!

  • Tnis fifth entry is the weakest untill now wich is a shame, we got the previous ones when they want to do something but things got in the way and now they got that and the story turned really dull it can be a transitional chapter to a subversion of the genre in the next one but i highly doubt it, i thing it was just bellow mediocre and thats sad

  • All these people trashing on Uchimusume when it was actually pretty f*ckin wholesome? How you can enjoy ANY light novels when something that minor (heh) bothers them, I’ll never understand..

  • I wish the story wasn’t so spread out over multiple volumes. There is constant talk of things to come but they never get to them in the same volume. Mainly the daughter leaving the nest and then NOT returning as an S-rank adventurer.

    The first and second volume shouldn’t have been ‘split in two’. It may be the beginning of a trend. It might be wise to only pick up this read every two volumes. Or only pick it up on the release of an even volume number.

  • Oh this one is good. It’s nice and heart-warming, and really makes me, a city girl, wish that I could live in a little village too.

    Also I love the father-daughter relationship, it’s a really good example of not only good parenting but also found family. (Kinda. He lowkey adopts his daughter’s friends as well later on). Don’t worry, this doesn’t seem to have any indication of going that route, and while the daughter doesn’t want a step-mom, it seems to come out of wanting someone good enough for her dad instead of any actual desire for him.

    All in all 7.5/10, makes a good rainy day read.

  • This one is good. Dont worry it won’t be like that uchimusume. You can try reading the wn version in novel update too.

  • The title is much eye catching like that certain novel. I hope it’s not that disgusting as that certain novel.

  • Hey C’mon the Dale and Latina’s relationship was wholesome. Latina never sae Dale as a parent/brother even once, plus he only took care of her for, like, 5 years or something? Even I never saw her as Dale’s daughter since she was obviously gunning for her even when she was a child! And kuddos to dale for waiting not eating her up til she was an adult! But still, it would be really messed up if this father-daughter pair became a romance, even if they aren’t related… So I hope this novel keeps up with this trend!

  • Hopefully this goes the usagi drop route.

  • The manga is pretty good so I’m glad this is finally getting translatated.

  • I really love the manga for this one!! I hope this turns out even better

  • You meant I’d even defeat a demon lord for my daughter? I loathe people keeping secrets like these

  • i just hope it wont turn out the same as to ‘that’ certain light novel about protecting his ‘daughter’

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