Making Magic: The Sweet Life of a Witch Who Knows an Infinite MP Loophole

Looks like I’ve been reincarnated into a gamelike world filled with monsters and dungeons. But don’t worry—it’s nothing I can’t handle. I chose Creation Magic for my unique skill, you see, and it lets me make whatever item I want…so long as I’ve got enough mana. Ah, there’s always a catch, isn’t there? But where there’s a rule, there’s a loophole—and this little witch knows just the trick to expand her mana pool a bit more each day.As for what I’ll be up to in the meantime, first I’ll make a friend. (Literally. Golems are a thing in this world.) Next, I’ll make some tracks. (And the sooner, the better. The goddess dropped me off in the middle of the wastelands). Then finally, one day, I’ll make myself a place where I can truly belong. (That’s the plan, at least.) Time to make some magic!

Associated Names
I Became a Magical Cheat Loli Witch ~My Different World Life With My Reincarnation Privilege [Creation Magic] and the [Seed of Magic]~
Maryoku Cheat na Loli Majo ni Narimashita ~ Tensei Tokuten no “Souzou Mahou” to “Fushigi na Kinomi” de Isekai Seikatsu ~ (Old title)
Maryoku Cheat na Majo ni Narimashita ~ Souzou Mahou de Kimama na Isekai Seikatsu ~

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shoujo Ai, Slice of Life, Supernatural

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Comments 21

  • Volume 4 is missing tho

  • I partially agree with Len’s comment, it was weird and rushed how Chise just left her adopted daughter’s life like she was dropping a hot potato, but Selene marrying like a noble would is fairly normal and realistic, maybe not thematically appropriate but oh well.

    Thanks for volume 4 it was good.

  • just finished volume 4 and this series really grew on me. i remember reading volume 1 back then thinking it was an easy to read comfy isekai slice of life, but didn’t really blow me away. but then over volume 2 and especially 3, the characters grew on me, and volume 4 was much of the same. looking forward to future volumes for sure!

  • I liked all the 3 volumes so far, but I found the ending to the 3rd to have a couple issues.

    The way Chise just ups & leaves Selene seems like a way to rush the novel’s ending.
    Having raised her from a baby for 11 years, to just up & leave her with just a note seems kind of a bad way to part for a young girl who was so attached to her adoptive mom.
    They act like it is to protect Selene from being used(kidnapped/put in danger) as a way to get to Chise because of her Creation magic. But with so many people already knowing that Selene has been with Chise for years, just separating would change nothing at that point. Just as long as they stay out of public view into the future, it shouldn’t matter if they still had contact. With the transporter Chise made, they could have still have secretly kept in contact outside of public view. Visiting between the Princesses private villa & the Chise’s home in the wastelands without anyone knowing, which would allow for a more slowly separation over time as she grew up & became an adult. It just seems as the wrong way to end the story in my eyes.

    The next issue was Chise raised Selene as her daughter & as a commoner. She was raised to be independent for her future. Thou she was a princess, i feel this marriage would have been something Chise would have had issues with. Selene’s marriage was arranged by her father & brothers, not by her independently. So it was more of a pushed political marriage outside of Selene’s full control. Her biological mother was a commoner who married for love out of choice. But yet her daughter who was raise as a commoner to be independent, was having her marriage choice for love taken away. which would remove her independent choice she was raise with from Chise. So I feel Chise might have had issues over this marriage.

    But all in all, it was still a good story, just would have been a little better with the ending.

  • I love volume 3 so freaking much, I actually cried reading it. I’m excited for future volumes

  • Oh, wow, while usually light hearted volume 3 had a very emotional tearjerker ending, that came as a surprise. It proves the series is deeper than it should be, somehow.

    The series has some slow moments but in general the pace is fast, even skipping some years here and there. It’s a relaxing read overall.

  • Unexpectedly a good read. I think the weakest volume is vol2. It was really predictable but I enjoyed it. Vol3 was emotional and has a lot of character development. I enjoy this novel a lot and looking forward on Vol4

  • Nice a new volume. Volume 2 wasn’t all that but this one was really good I’m looking forward to number 4 now…

    Yea Chisel has about as much characterization as Yuna from Kuma Bear, actually maybe a bit more with this volume 3, which is really saying something considering I’m in volume 19 of Kuma Bear (with the WN)

    Anyway as for my previous comment I’m glad some people agree with me, well this LN is a little more serious than the other works I mentioned and it also has an overarching plot unlike those other two albeit a super relaxed one. Honestly I think is well written for a LN, having read some works with questionable quality myself…

  • I do not understand “poorly written” as critique for this LN in particular.
    Ive read comments praising other LN despite those being written in poor formatting, plot progress and weird dialogue interactions.

    This LN is written in a decent way.
    The MC has about as much character as the MC from Kuma or “Abilitys average something”. Its not that deep, but also not that shallow.

    In total, i´d rank this a nice, comfortable 7 out of 10, mostly due to it being a honestly decent slice of life with timeskips and more cute than shock-value interactions.

  • poorly written
    conversations are short and therefore characters are all quite lack luster and forgettable
    power growth starts with some promise but quickly devolves into OP protagonist and after every fight is a complete stomp
    locations are also forgettable as the protagonist speed runs through them (in the starter town the only places she visits are the library and the inn and nobody in those locations gets more than a single conversation + these conversations are incredibly short)
    MC and SideC have the collective depth of a kiddly pool

    ultimately 2/5 book read if you love things like Kuma bear and your have run out of things like it to read

  • It’s kind of a mix between Kuma Bear and Potions which I really like, this is not as good as neither but I liked it anyway, looking forward to new volumes

  • First volume was sorta interesting, second volume was so bland and formulaic I dropped it. There’s an orphanage. They’re in a city with an adventurer’s guild. Can you guess what happens? I bet you can.

  • Vol 2 when, I need more

  • Just a quick warning, don’t read chapter 0 (LN 1). This introduction chapter takes place 500y in the future. It’s kind of a big spoiler. Letting you know what the end result of the witch’s journey is going to be.

  • No idea bout kuma

    Good Read so far (Vol 1)
    Feel good, comfy, does NOT contain detailed essays on how to cook, do skills, do magic or similar (which is an issue i feel that newer LN have).
    Characters are okay, world is decent-ish fantasy realistic with no obvious “I AM EVIL AND EAT KITTENS” around so far.

  • If you’ve read Kuma Kuma Bear, it’s exactly like that.

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