Bride of the Barrier Master

For thousands of years, Japan has been protected by five clans wielding barrier-weaving magic. Born to a branch family of one such clan, eighteen-year-old Hana has always been stuck in the shadow of her more capable, beautiful, and popular twin sister. When a strong power awakens within Hana, she chooses to hide it so she can continue living a quiet life out of the spotlight. But that ideal lifestyle begins to slip out of reach when Saku Ichinomiya takes over as the new head of the Ichinomiya clan and sets out to find a bride strong enough to stand by his side. Eager to keep her abilities secret, Hana steers clear of Saku… but will she be tempted to sign a marriage contract if it guarantees the peaceful, quiet future of her dreams?

Genre β€“
Science Fiction, Fantasy,

Translation Group
Official Yen Press ver

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 2

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  • Just finished two volumes of this. The MC after giving up on her family and gaining new powers becomes quite based indeed. The fight scenes and shades did not interest me as much, while the mc and ml’s interactions were quite amusing.
    Though they were amusing, their “banter” often times looked like this: conversation->ml tries to show affection->mc gets shy/flustered/confused etc->they get interrupted by shikigami beating ml up, leading to nothing but the same scheme repeating.
    What bothered me was that even though it was emphasised that practicioners rever the 5 clan lords as their gods, the mc gets insulted time and time again by random people even though she’s become the wife of an extremely powerful person? Like we get it, she was insulted in her own home for her lack of ability, then in school and in the whole practicioner society and her whole reputation sucks but the author just has to keep dragging her through the mud for the sake of it.
    Except these few flaws it was a good read, the best parts are the mc, some shikigami are also nice, and the evolving family relations also intrigued me

  • Thanks for this one ☺️😘
    Story is a bit rushed but I enjoyed it nevertheless. The FL is way too funny. I love how unbothered she is.

  • kind of a cookie cutter background/setup, but actually incredibly based fmc what the fuck
    shoujou genre definitely needs more of these

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