VTuber Legend – How I Went Viral after Forgetting to Turn Off My Stream

Twenty-year-old former wage slave Yuki Tanaka now works among her idols: the streamers of Live-On, one of Japan’s top VTuber companies. As the gorgeous, polite Awayuki Kokorone, she delivers only the most ladylike content. Unfortunately, her subscriber count and savings are at rock bottom. One evening, after Yuki thinks she’s ended her stream, she cracks a few cold ones—and more than a few crude jokes—while watching Live-On’s video archives. But her viewers hear it all, and clips of her bawdy, drunken commentary go viral overnight. Yuki thinks her career is over…until her manager reveals that everyone at Live-On has been waiting for her to snap all along and gives her free rein to drink on-stream. Now free of all feigned purity, she jumps right into her new “rowdy drunk” character and is welcomed into the fold by her fellow Live-On VTubers, who turn out to be just as crazy as she is! With her views and finances skyrocketing, Yuki’s work—for the first time in her life—is actually fun!

Associated Names –
VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiri Wasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta.
I’m a VTuber but I Forgot To Stop the Stream and Became a Legend

Genre –
Comedy, Romance, Shoujo Ai, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club 

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Latest Update: Vol 5

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Comments 14

  • My summary is her Seiso stream at first, fail and remove fake facade to go yolo. So it’s Nijisanji Vtuber in text format😂

  • Nah, it’s decent enough. I would rather read Vtuber as wall of text than majority of isekai garbage out there. Good dialogue and banter, quite fun, and light. Tired of long work hours? just give a try and relax a bit. Or prefer watch than read? your preference, it has the same purpose.

  • Now as if seeing vtuber wasn’t boring enough, I presented to you ladies and gentlemen. This garbage of a novel.

    There’s absolutely nothing interesting happening and honestly its better that you watch real vtuber instead of reading this hot garbage.

  • Garbage. no actual yuri. barely any gl even. Mostly the main char talking the talk and not walking the walk in regard to any of the many love interests who are obviously interested in her. If you want an actual romance look elsewhere. this is all “I wish I could do x or y or z to you” but never acting on it. Basically just a tease of moe. Waste of time.

  • But who would see vtuber as a wall of texts?

  • Seeing all these comments, you guys might not know this, but I’ve been reading a lot of web novels in Syosetu and Kakuyomu for the past few years and there are surprisingly a lot of novels with Vtuber as the theme, and I only exclusively search for yuri novels.

  • So does this have any actual yuri?

  • HELL YEAH!!!

  • just read the synopsis, and is this story based on Otogibara Era?

  • It’s come to this huh…

  • It’s about time for japan take the vtuber into novel, cuz it’s japan after all, no need other explanation

  • what in the world is happening in the light novel market

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