Magic Knight of the Old Ways

A long, long time ago, in the era of legends, there was a knight known as Sir Sid the Barbarian who pledged his sword to the Holy King Arthur. Unparalleled in strength, he was the greatest magical knight of his time, but also a disgrace to the name of chivalry. His evil deeds were countless, and eventually he met his end at the hands of his own king…or so the story goes. Now a thousand years have passed, and Sid is summoned from his eternal slumber by Alvin, a descendant of Arthur and a prince who knows the truth about Sir Sid the Lightning Knight. Honoring his ancient pact, Sid rises from the grave to help Alvin save the kingdom from impending peril and become the new instructor to Alvin’s class of fellow aspiring knights. As danger lurks in the shadows, Sid must train this class of underdogs to rely on more than just their magical fairy swords and teach them the old ways of the magic knights.

Associated Names –
Furuki Okite No Mahou Kishi
The Fairy Knight Lives With Old Rules

Genre –
Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Seinen

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-5 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 5

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Comments 7

  • Finally fol 4!! I ‘VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS UPDATE, well this is getting more interesting. I wonder if Endea and FMC really twin sister and one become the hero and the other become demon lord. Iam waiting for the next vol soon

  • I’ve been looking for this LN in this site for a while, it’s not on the Light Novel List section so I thought you didn’t have it here. Well, I’m glad I could find it here though, Thanks!

  • This was unexpectedly light. I enjoyed the first part but the last part is kinda cringe. Did he seriously recognized that FMC as his king in that short time? What the FMC showed was just kindness and courage, that’s it. Still it’s not entirely bad. I might or might not read the next volume. Well it’s not great, but it’s light, readable and short. Perfect novel for a quick read.

  • This was a pretty good read even though it had some cringe-worthy scenes. MC is too cheesy and might look like a chuunibyo character, but it is passable due to the potential love interests and their interactions with MC. So overall it’s not that good and not that bad at the same time.

  • IMO, this is not that great
    I felt annoyed after reading chapter 1
    Reason : The MC is legendary knight summoned by descendant of his lord
    But this crybaby don’t have much faith on MC

  • This sort of reincarnation always seems stale in comparison to isekais.

  • looook goood

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