A Cave King’s Road to Paradise: Climbing to the Top with My Almighty Mining Skills!

In a world where crests decide one’s fate, Prince Heale is born with Cave King—a crest just as worthless as he is. Deemed a disgrace to his family, he’s exiled to a barren, deserted island with not a plant nor soul in sight. Alone, miserable, but determined to survive, he reaches for a pickaxe to expand the cave he intends to make his new home—and discovers the true power of his crest!

It turns out Cave King makes cavern mining as easy as breathing. And as Heale digs deeper into the island, he discovers one otherworldly mineral after another. Who’s worthless now?

But valuable ore isn’t the only thing Heale finds on his mining adventures. He soon befriends slimes and saves goblins that wash ashore. And together as one big family, they’ll work to overcome any challenge on the road to developing the island into their own little paradise.

Associated Names
The Cave King Will Live a Paradise Life -Becoming the Strongest With the Mining Skill?-
Doukutsu Ou kara Hajimeru Rakuen Life
Doukutsuou kara Hajimeru Rakuen Life ~Bannou no Saikutsu Skill de Saikyou Ni-
The King Of Cave Will Live A Paradise Life

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Mystery, Romance, Shounen, Slice of Life

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Comments 5

  • Despite the tag volume 1 had no elements of harem, which was a nice surprise. The story itself is not bad, ideal if you want to waste some time reading op protag light novels, not particularly bad. Don’t expect a masterpiece though, usual op protag, wholesome stuff, no dead, no pain no grief etc. A good thing to note is the lack of usual slice of life tropes that i am f#king tired of (and lack of a harem, fuck harems)

  • I see small fenrir and sui on the cover lol

  • Writing is okay, plot is okay.

    Potentially interesting amalgamation of mechanics and plots, Vol1 feels a bit too cramped and compressed with everything crammed into it.

    Only real issue i have is that everything the MC discovers is “the best in the world/incredible” (fiber for clothing, building/crafting materials, etc), though its also not bad to have a quick progression, depending on where the plot goes.

    Does read like the rest of humanity are assholes, though.

  • Why the epub’s size so big? 46mb? Are you serious?

  • Hey nice so the LN also got english

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