Since I Was Abandoned After Reincarnating, I Will Cook With My Fluffy Friends


Fluffy Friends, Good Food, And Freedom, What More Does A Girl Need?!

When the crown prince unexpectedly breaks off their engagement and abandons her, Duchess Laetitia regains the memories of her past life as an office worker who loved to cook. Finding herself expelled from the kingdom, Laetitia agrees to marry Glenreed, the Silver Wolf King—a man famous for his hatred of women while ironically seeking a queen for political purposes. Laetitia’s new life lets her spend her days cooking and pursuing her hobbies in the royal villa, all while surrounded by furry creatures like wolves, Gardener Cats, and other mythical beasts. One day, after Laetitia offers food to a beautiful silver wolf that appears in the villa, she finds Glenreed’s attitude toward her slowly begins to change…

Say hello to this evil aristocrat and her life of leisure, cooking, and fuzzy companions!

Associated Names –
Tenseisaki de Suterareta no de, Mofumofu-tachi to Oryouri Shimasu: Okazari Ouhi wa My Pace ni Saikyou desu

Genre –
Fantasy, Isekai, Shoujo, Romance

Translation Group
Official Cross Infinite World

Vol 1-5 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 5

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Comments 10

  • pretty good, but I got bored of it after a volume and a half. i’m not always a huge fan of SoL stories, so I don’t think that has any bearing on the quality. The translation is quite good, and I’m sure if someone likes fluffy cute stories with a very slowburn romance, this’ll be just the thing.

  • Is there any like sex scene or intimate scene in this novel.

    • If you count a dinner for two as intimate…

      This is a “shoujo” novel that means for girls 6+ years.

      So there is awkward romance but that’s it.

      (Personally I enjoy this series a lot. Cooking becomes a bit much at times and there isn’t anything innovative happening at all, the story is pretty standard as well. But it is a nice relaxing read).

  • comfy as shit, I hope author-san makes some more, love this story. Sometimes a man just wants a good shoujo

  • Admin-kun, i can’t load the cover picture on phone, so could you kindly check if there some kind problem (i can load the cover picture normally on computer)

  • Is it true that Admin was visited by Corona-chan?

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