Min-Maxing My TRPG Build in Another World

Commissioned in death to save a world in peril, a tabletop RPG fanatic is reborn as a humble farm boy with the rulebook for the universe at his fingertips! Young Erich’s quest for an invincible character build will require more than his decades as a number-crunching munchkin, though. Even with power-leveled skills, feudal life is no cakewalk—especially when you keep drawing more attention than you can handle…

Can Erich adapt to his strange new world before his worst impulses take the campaign of a lifetime completely off the rails? Let the dice fall where they may!

Associated Names –
TRPG Player ga Isekai de Saikyou Build wo Mezasu
TRPG Player Aims For The Strongest Build In Another World ~Mr. Henderson Preach the Gospel~

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

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  • Please add volume 6 it’s already been released

  • Woah!! The Stahl couple Henderson story is the best one yet! Agrippina is taking the lead in my best waifu for this novel~ I just wish there were sequels to these alternate stories. The tsundere(?)/dishonest couple’s love(?) absolutely hits home like crazy~ Author-sama (Schuld) did not disappoint as always~

    • Dude this one read like a horror piece; I was sick to my stomach. My favorite so far has been the Bloodsucker story.

    • Are you insane that one was like a prison. his last words literally being “It’s finally over” she broke him and his spirit before it finally gets relatively wholesome. It’s 2.0 for a reason, It’s not supposed to happen and the story is irrepairably broken.

      • Has lots of SPOILERS in this[my] reply.

        Of course I don’t support the way she destroyed all of his plans and relationships. Almost no one else besides Elisa was mentioned in there XD. Like you said, it’s not supposed to happen~
        But, what I like is their relationship after the worst came to pass. It might be just me, but it sounded like they’re vexed to admit it and even keeps telling and convincing themselves that it isn’t “love”. I love that a lot~ The relationships where the “person you used to hate starts growing on you” kind.
        Also, I love the scene where Agrippina was behaving lonely when Erich died, and she was subconsciously waiting for him in his office.
        The “Agrippina snuggling on his lap and Erich thinking it can’t be an expression of affection” is great~
        The fact that “Despite Erich giving her gifts every anniversary that he seem to put a lot of effort into making, he still won’t accept/admit that he holds some affection for her.” is pretty nice too~
        And lastly, Agrippina’s inner monologue at the end saying she’ll do it the same way given the chance to redo is satisfying (there’s probably a better way to express this but meh)
        Yes, a lot of you may disagree, but I love this alternate story.

  • Wow, I’ve came a cross a novel’s comment section full of passionate after reading thoughts.

  • Tank you for volume 5

  • Plz upload volume 5, it’s already out

  • Could you upload Vol 5 please?
    I think that Henderson has derailed my reading.

  • Can you upload the new volume?

  • Yeah, it’s good and reads well. Honestly the people complaining either skipped a bunch of stuff or are five year olds. The 1.0 alt endings are nice. Just finished volume 2

  • Personally, I really enjoyed the read, more so than most light novels I’ve read so far. Probably give it a solid 8/10. The world is much more fleshed out, and the MC’s faults are clear and within the rules the author set out for him. The lore is interesting, the magic system can really make you think, and over all, it just seems like the author put a lot of thought into story elements he wanted to explore. There are definitely some… Lolicon like tendencies by the author, but personally I don’t really mind. To each their own as they say. I really enjoyed the interaction between the MC and his childhood friend, and honestly would have loved to see more of it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for monster girls.

    Honestly it astounds me. For light novel readers, they sure don’t know how to read. I understand the blurbs at the beginning of each chapter is repetitive but like 75% of the negative comments in this thread are all “oh, final chapter ruins it all. So rushed. TF is Henderson 1.0 or what ever.” If you spend like 5 seconds reading the blurb explaining the difference between 0.1 and 1.0, its literally self-explanatory. For those who are curious and don’t want to read, I guess, 0.1 is just events that happened and is backstory as to how a character/event occurs. Henderson 1.0 is a complete DERAILMENT and is NON-CANON, but rather what COULD HAVE happened had certain played out differently. Imagine it as a multi-verse, and Henderson 1.0 is just exploring the ending of one of those multi-verses, rather than the current one we are reading.

    And something else that ticks me off. Those “page fillers” are literally world building elements. If you’re reading because you want “OP mc is OP,” and couldn’t care less about the story progression and world building, go back to your “in another world with my smartphone.”

    • Just one of many examples (vol 4 – part 2):

      “I poked my head above ground, only to find my beloved baby sister
      sitting at my doorstep, dressed up in her finest clothes…”

      After this sentence we get more than 6 fully filled pages (2786 words, 12879 characters; 15393 including spaces) of almost completely useless bla bla before the story continues. You’re full of it with your “world building”.

      • Those 6 pages are characterization for Elisa setting up the course of her future development while also establishing her soul sight, speedreader-kun. Do you have ADHD, are you incapable of reading anything that isn’t a MMO grinding log?

        • Some writers add overly verbose descriptions to make sure the reader understands something, assuming the reader won’t undertand otherwise. So when the reader understands what the writter wants to explain, the rest of the description is just annoying to him. It’s specially infuriating when they repeat an entire paragraph with the exact same information, just different words.

          Maybe you shouldn’t throw around insults if you’re the kind of person that needs all 2800 words to understand an idea that could be explained in a fifth or tenth of that.

          And just so you know, speedreader is a praise. People capable of reading fast and still understand things are objectively better at reading than people who read slowly.

  • If people can’t understand the English prose in this I fear they would be completely lost trying to read classics like Tolkien, for example.
    Also, the author likes giving lengthy exposition to the world’s lore (to the point of writing entire ‘what-if’ chapters at the end of each volume). Some people won’t like it, but even the small tips between each chapter make the story even richer in detail.

  • tbh i can’t read this novel, so bad, so confused, hard english, i drop only for 1 volume

  • Really loved this one, expected it to be another meh isekai. But the Lore and world building Is fascinating, sometimes it feels like there’s a lot of blah blah, but that actually Is a lot of detail and makes everything unique. Really liked so much detail, it may cause the story to Advance slowly but lets you take Time to enjoy it. Can’t wait for volume 4 😀

  • Read 3 volumes. I have to say it’s overall a pretty entertaining read, a 6.9/10. It loses most of it’s points on page count inflation.

    There are way to many times when I went: “Bla. Bla bla. Bla. Bla” in my head when running in another lengthy empty bla bla bit not adding a thing to the story’s progress.

    And then there are the TRPG promo bits at the beginning of every chapter. I’ve been skipping them after a cursory glance. There may be 1 or 2 in the first volume that actually have a titbit of useful info. But’s I’m not looking to become a TRPG’er so it’s mostly just someone sprouting annoying jargon.

    On top of that you have these [Tip] bits, useless and often blatantly repeating what’s just been discussed. You can skip those too.

    There is even more. The Henderson nonsense. I sort of read the term in the comments but I didn’t really want to read the comments as to not influence the expectations of the read too much. So I kinda ended with this idea in my head that there maybe was going to be a character called Henderson and that the story would go down hill with the introduction of that character. But apparently this Henderson is some TRPG term to indicate a situation where things could go in a totally different direction.

    In the first volume there was no warning that there was going to be a what if “bonus” chapter. That was corrected in the second and third volumes. But it’s still kinda confusing because there are Henderson parts indicated with 0.x which do appear to be part of the real story. The second volume’s full Henderson or whatever, I skipped it after getting a cursory glance type of idea of what was going to be in it. The third volume Henderson is reasonably entertaining as far as bonus / page inflation crap goes.

    There is also a noticeable bit of pedo influence and the gender changing friend would be interesting if we weren’t living in a world with gender dysfunction / abolishment propaganda (push to transhumanism aka turn us into ‘borg drones’) all around. You know what come to think of it I’m going to subtract a whole point for that, especially the pedo stuff. So I guess we’re at 5.9/10 now. Mmz not enough of a plenty? You decide. I hope the author doesn’t actually let him end up with the half spider girl who perpetually looks like a 10y old. I’m glad that she isn’t in the picture at the moment (end vol 3).

  • Henderson is when the plot goes COMPLETELY WRONG and that is the result. The final chapters in each book are a nod to this and help explain what COULD be if something changed even slightly and will probably appear every book. Don’t jump the gun!

    It helps the world building and helps explain the myriad of possibilities that COULD happen in this new world all equally liable if he got a bad roll! They are quite fun and are as intriguing as they are horrifying as not all endings are happy ones.

  • Thank you for volume 2
    And for anyone who got confuse by the thread just know that this is a classic isekai with some cliche here and there and a really well written in the world building and the lore is nicely done

    A lot of people got confuse by the last chapter wich is an “what if” ending and the last chapter is not a true ending and the story’ still have more to it

  • I am read comments for review but what kind of thread is this SMH

  • Just asking when Will you guys adding the vol 2 of this series?
    I’m really looking forward for the next volume

  • Because they’re all fucking idiots.

  • uwah wtf is up with this thread

  • It doesn’t make sense to assume shit is a what if. The Henderson 0.1 chapter isn’t a what if so why would the one full Henderson be one. It is just shitty writing practice. Now as there are more books and it is proven that it is a what if that’s fine and all but if I didn’t come back to read these comments then I would have no idea and would have figured that the author just can’t write good endings.

    • Which is more likely to somebody who thinks about it for more than half a second, that the chapter labelled “the intended ending is now unreachable” is meant to be a noncanon diversion from the intended (i.e. canon in the next volumes) ending, or that the author who has done a decent job of setting up plotlines and expanding the world so far suddenly had a stroke and has no idea about the basics of addressing the events of the immediately preceding chapter?

      Should I point out that zero (0) Japanese reviews of volume 1 on Amazon have made the same critical reading comprehension failure that half the English language reading population seems to be suffering?

    • Anyone with common sense would assume it

  • The last chapter is a what-if, you illiterates

  • I’ve been doing some searching in the japanese syosetu page and i’m leaning that the one full henderson story, is just an IF ending, like if something went terribly wrong in the story telling, like the scale in the contents page shows. A mistake that makes it impossible to get the true ending.
    In the webnovel page there is a lot of diferent stories like that. Some are even expanded with versions (0,1, 0,2 and so on)

  • Ok, first of all i’ll give the story an 8/10 excluding the ending which is most likely non-canon considering in the next volume we go directly to Enrich confronting the mage and while Lanbert was the only one who appeared in the first volume, in the second volume the father was added to the rescue party, furthermore the appearance of Margit rejoining in the rescue party was ommited they have most likely retconed the child(thankfully), and the last evidence was Enrich was actually knocked out and was not able to participate during the clean up and so I recommend all of you to skip the final chapter and treat it as if it doesn’t exist or if you can’t treat is as a what if scenario, I can’t be 100% with this considering I only read the first chapter on J-Novels and I can’t read any further so if there is anyone who can confirm this for me further please tell it. And Thank You.

  • It’s very good. Don’t be discouraged by the guy below me saying this novel will be axed/rushed. He probably only reviewed the WN version (cuz yeah it’s kinda bad).

    The latest volumes (both 4 jō and 4 ge) is especially good. There’s a big difference in character exposure and their interaction compared to the WN, and I felt the way the MC think in the volume is described very well.
    Also the author said they will think of a better plot in the next volume so, between that and the magic of the editorial revisions, we can expect more interesting stories to come.

    With all that said this novel is not perfect either. I still think the worldbuilding can be improved, and some character should get more screentime.

    All in all this novel is 100% worth it, I mean we’re all pirating here so it’s not like we’re losing money or anything if you don’t like it kekw

  • This guy is right. Great story if the last chapter did not exist. Fu*** lolis man. Stop trying to make pedophilia OK, it isnt

  • Don’t be fooled by this sh***y story! I mean, I’ll admit the whole thing is good, downright incredible even right up until the final chapter where the story is basically axed and rushed with little to no preparation.(It was literally put of nowhere-that massive time skip) Also the harem tag is a lie, unless the author plans on retconning that ending later.

    • Out of nowhere

    • What do you mean? It seems the series is still ongoing, so it shouldnt have an end for now.

    • My guess is the ending is a IF ending, that’s why it’s called 1.0 henderson (grave mistake that makes the true ending impossible),seems the author likes to make some IF ending every once in a while

    • if u actually read the afterword, u’ll see that it’s not finished yet.

    • ..Wow, were any of you actually reading the parts explaining tabletop rpg mechanics and terminologies? Henderson scaling is a scale determining PLOT DERAILMENT. It’s generally represented in decimals in increments until it hits 1.0. which is total plot derailment. You know, the literal name of the chapter, Henderson 1.0. you’re reading this shit on the internet in the first place, use a goddamn search engine.

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