Vivy Prototype

In an age when artificial intelligence has become integral to human life, AI songstress Vivy captures people’s hearts with her enthralling voice at a theme park, NiaLand. When a mysterious AI who calls himself Matsumoto appears and claims to be from one hundred years in the future, he warns Vivy of the coming apocalyptic battle between AI and humankind. Can Vivy help prevent an all-out war one hundred years hence, and save humanity from destruction?

Fantasy, Science

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

Vol 1-4 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 4

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Comments 5

  • Seen the anime love it guess time to dive into the LN.

  • Huh? So there’s an ln of vivy?

    • Most anime are base on LN or manga its just most of them are not available outside of Japan, there are still anime original but majority still have source materials like LN or manga.

      • except vivy was made as an anime first by the creator of re:zero, the ln came after the anime

        • Not quite, the author of Re:zero first made a draft or a prototype of the story (yes, this LN right here) and then took some ideas from it to make the anime.

          It isn’t an adaptation, but quite literally the prototype of the anime.

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