Saint? No! I’m Just a Passing Beast Tamer!

There are all sorts of Professions in this world, from Magician to Fencer, from the lowly Beast Tamer to the mighty Hero. Every adult has their own, which they can never change as long as they live. Kanata Aldezia is an icy and mysterious beauty, a fighter, and a genius without peer. Today is her Selection Ceremony: the day when a child must decide their Profession from those chosen for them by the gods. Everyone is eager to see what Profession Kanata will choose. There is even speculation that she will be the one chosen as Saint, destined to lead the Holy Church.

But Kanata has a secret. There is something she must obtain at any cost. Something more precious to her than her own life—her quest for the fluff! Kanata loves fluffy fluffy critters more than anything, and would go to any lengths to pet their soft fluffy fur. Saint? No! She’s just a passing Beast Tamer!

Genre –
Action, Fantasy

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  • Where is the comedy tag? The only thing Kanata cares for is the “fluff” and while hunting fluff she coincidentally “saves the world” again and again, usually without even realizing it.

    For me, this is a series I can read one novel at a time once in a while, binging it would get exhausting since the formula grows old very fast.

    It’s by no means bad but it’s also not really good either. It’s a “turn brain off and chill for three hours” experience. And there it’s pretty good at.

  • Does the enemy have to remember that she’s just a passing by beast tamer?

  • I read a bit of the Manga was a fun read, so this should be good too.

  • hmmm okay, the illustrator who drew ninym

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