The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary

One by one, the mercenaries who raised Loren fell in a terrible, bloody battle. No one else survived. Alone in a hard world with his wits, his sword, and no coin to his name, he hires himself out as an adventurer. But Loren’s new party proves all too willing to run headlong into danger using him as their meat shield. Only Lapis, the party’s sly priest, sees his true worth, just as Loren sees hers. Soon, they must rely on each other, or neither of them will live to see the end of their first adventure.

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen

Associated Names –
Kuitsume Youhei no Gensou Kitan

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

Vol 1-8 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 8

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Comments 19

  • Not a bad isekai(Lorens transformation his capable mercenary world into the world of adventuring where he’s a clueless adventurer is effectively isekai). There’s not a lot of meat on the bone though(pun intended) and character developments are very slow.

    • Are you really know what “isekai” genre is? Changing job from one ti another isn’t enough to be called isekai 🗿☕

  • Just so you know this series is on hiatus for a long time now.

    • jp has 15 vols out, ever with hiatus theres half more not released

      • The author was caught being racist. He deleted his twitter and WN accounts. This and his other publicized series will most likely not be continued. He may likely be writing new series other a new pseudonym since it’s been quite a while.

  • one of my favourite series around these days. story is interesting, pacing is good, characters are likeable (love their interactions with each other), humour is mostly on point, writing style is enjoyable and easy to go through.

  • is it just me or does mega throw up errors when trying to download volume 7?

  • Holy shit I never seen so many ads and pop-ups for dl link, I understand you what you do is a lot of works and save folks tons of money but mate this is greed what kinda shit show you get this amount ads for just clicking proceed.

    • oh greed huh
      should I start putting every vol behind a short link if you think giving a whole folder after one shortlink can be qualified as greed
      I want to see what word you will use when you have to go through a shortlink for every volume

    • dude you’re getting stuff for free, just put up with the ads
      it takes like a minute at most to get through them anyway

  • 3 more vols till lapis mommy apears

  • Loren and Lapis , I already read WN and it very interesting adventure and fun but the action is really good. Looking for LN finally up and I’ll wait for next volume

  • I hope it will be worth the read because I checked out the manga and the first dungeon exploration felt drawn out as if it needed 2 whole volumes.

  • I have so many things I like about this and I haven’t even read it yet.

    Not isekai
    Not ecchi
    Not harem
    Not teenagers

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