The Inconvenient Life of an Arousing Priestess

What’s a Priestess to Do with Her Engagement Broken and Reputation in Tatters?!

As the only priestess on the frontlines in the war against monsters, Monica worked hard to fulfill her duties and her incredible power earned her a place by the crown prince’s side as his fiancée. Except that power came with an added nuisance—the ability to rouse the baser instincts of those affected! When the crown prince found out, he cursed her as a wanton priestess and ended their engagement. Naturally, the news of an indecent holy woman spread like wildfire throughout the nation. While Monica struggled to manage the upheaval in her life, Richard, a battle comrade, approached her with an offer.

“Will you come to my country? My elder brother and his wife are in need of a priestess because they’re barren.”

But Monica didn’t know a crucial truth. He was the emperor’s younger brother! An effusive and sparklingly pure love story unfolds between an overly doting imperial prince and a workaholic priestess with an unfortunate talent!


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  • shoujo, fantasy, romance? despite the weird title, enjoyed this more than I thought I would. even though the volume is longer then usual, it didn’t feel that way. the FMC is rather likeable and funny at times, and same goes for some of the supporting characters too. enough interesting things going on throughout the story too.

  • The names of people and places will give you a headache trying to read(pronounce) them. I recommend to shorthand these as they come along to save yourself some trouble, overall tho, reads like any other shoujo novel.

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