Secrets of the Silent Witch


Monica Everett, the Silent Witch, is the only mage in the world who can use unchanted magecraft, a true hero who singlehandedly defeated a legendary black dragon. However, this young genius is actually…super-duper shy! That’s right: She learned to cast spells silently just to avoid speaking in public, and despite her power, she has zero self-confidence. Now Monica has been tasked with secretly guarding the second prince. Can she keep it together as she faces both the evil forces targeting the prince and the terrors of social interaction?

Associated Names
Silent Witch

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Tragedy

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Volume 3

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  • mediocre at best, the cliché are so overused that its boring at best. There is some boring buildup for the prince “the puppet”, the characters are all cardboard cuts without any real development. The Romance tag is a foreshadowing of the prince and the witch. The prince as of Ln 3 more or less says that the Silent witch is his first love, even if he basically only saw her 3 times, but her magic while fighting the black dragon and the 24 Wyverns was so great that he wants to see more of it and if he becomes King he can order her/him (yeah he dosnt knows if the witch is male or female at the same time he says its his first love?!?) to spend time with him/her. Politics, magic all get mixed up and thrown around for the fight of the throne and the Duke what “controls” the puppet. The puppet (Prince) wants his own life blah blah blah. You get told that there is the first prince and the second prince (Puppet) faction and get told that the first prince doesn’t even wants the throne (?) so much outside interference from other kingdoms that you really wonder what the 7 Sages do all day beside lazing around. There are so many holes in this thing that you might get serious anger mngt. issues if you think to much about it.

  • When will volume 2 be updated?

  • Someone said “this one is good” so I’m giving it a go. Still reading it but I’m already disappointed with it going the (boring) route of cliché otome stuff. So high school life centered around the student council members (and co). The girl is super shy but never runs away even though she easily could. It doesn’t really make sense. Her not running is (badly) explained away with her worrying over things that don’t even come close to the dread she’s constantly experiencing with social interactions.

    Well I do feel for the girls so I guess there’s that.

    • I finished it; I think. Yeah I did. LOL had to dig deep there for a bit. I don’t have anything to add to what I predicted the story to be like as it did just that, no twists or anything. Anyway lets get to the grading part: 5.6/10. Solid within the mediocre bracket just a little more enjoyable than most in the mediocre bracket.

  • Why is there a romance tag for it?

  • this one is good
    the setup is actually amazing
    it reminds me a lot of Apocathery diaries for some reason but the mc is totally different

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