Enough with This Slow Life! I Was Reincarnated as a High Elf and Now I’m Bored

Life in the Great Pulha Woodlands is the very definition of stillness and tranquility—and Acer’s had enough of it!
That’s right. Acer isn’t quite like the other high elves of the forest. For starters, he remembers living a past life as a human in another world…meaning he’s got a taste for meat, adventure, and plenty of other decidedly un-elven things! He’s also bored out of his skull after 120 years of the peace and quiet of their serene sylvan lifestyle. So with nothing more than his trusty bow, a bundle of life-giving fruit, and his close bond with the spirits of nature, Acer leaves the monotony of the forest behind to seek a new life, one that’s more his pace. See what excitement awaits in the outside world full of humans, dwarves, and even other elves!

Associated Names –
I Was Reincarnated and Became a High Elf, but I Got Tired of the Slow Life After 120 Years
Growing Tired of the Lazy High Elf Life After 120 Years
I Was Reborn and Became a High Elf, but I Got Tired of My Slow Life after 120 Years
Tensei shite hai erufu ni narimashitaga , surō raifu wa ichi ni zero nen de akimashita

Genre –
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

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Official J-Novel Club

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Comments 8

  • The manga’s better imo, the pacing is better and it develops the characters more.

  • Yea the timeframe is a bit off, nothing wrong with that but the way it’s written makes it feel like a a chronicles or anthology of someone’s long life especially when the author timeskips

  • It’s actually a tragedy. The elf girl on the right in the future will

  • Gave this a read and what can I say, you get exactly what you’ve been expecting. In a good way.

    The protagonist is very straightforward and ‘My Pace’ kind of guy, he got a very cool head for an isekai protagonist which is okay considering his age.

    The world building are okay, but if you asked me what’s wrong. I can surely say that the lack of interaction between characters with the protagonists. In chapter 1 the protagonist and a dwarf blacksmith had some dialogue here and there. But the rest are explained by the protagonist monologue.

    Following that the chapter 2 interaction between characters is getting worse, but not that bad because it’s this kind of story where time moves so fast and that’s the premise of the whole story.

    My complaint is that the lack of interaction between characters and that’s it, the rest are okay. If you wanted to relax after reading your favorite Edgy and SERIOUS type LN and wanted to charge your serious bar. Then I recommend you this one.

    For me this story get about 7.8/10 (well for me anyway)

  • Read Vol 1

    Its a rather comfortable and decent read. Writing is decent, the MC is a decent representation of “High Elf with Memories of previous human life”.

    What that means is that the MC is reasonably high-powered(or better said, high-specced) and acts on his previous life´s memories in regards to interactions as well as actually learning and improving from the non-elf environments he is visiting.

    Timescales are kinda off from most other LN i read, with the main cycle being the daily life explained, some action happening, and “and that went on for X years”.

    There is decent dialogue and a pleasant lack of “follow this crafting/cooking recipie” word-count increasing addons, but there is also a non-subtle hint at foundations laid for future meetings, consequences and other fun interactions in following volumes.

    Decent. Comfy. Actual Elf character with reincarnated memories. Okay Worldbuilding.

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