Backstabbed in a Backwater Dungeon: My Trusted Companions Tried to Kill Me, But Thanks to the Gift of an Unlimited Gacha I Got LVL 9999 Friends and Am Out For Revenge on My Former Party Members and the World

When Light is kicked out of the Concord of the Tribes, his former comrades instantly turn on him. Light escapes this diabolical act of betrayal by the skin of his teeth…only to find himself in the deepest part of the Abyss, the most dangerous dungeon in the realm! To avoid being eaten by carnivorous monsters, he uses the Unlimited Gacha, his sole magical skill. But where it previously only produced junk items, this time Mei—a gorgeous Level 9999 fighter in a maid outfit—springs forth! Fast forward three years and Light has carved out his own kingdom in this backwater dungeon, summoning more beautiful Level 9999 warriors who swear absolute fealty to him. Now a powerful Level 9999 Overlord himself, Light plans to ascend to the surface and take revenge on his betrayers one by one!

Associated Names
Infinite Gacha
I Was Almost Killed by My Comrades Inside the Dungeon, but I Used the Gift from “Infinite Gacha” and Got Level 9999 Friends. I’ll Take Revenge on My Ex-party Members and the World. Serves You Right!
Shinjiteita Nakama-tachi ni Dungeon Okuchi de Korosarekaketa ga Gift “Mugen Gacha” de Level 9999 no Nakama-tachi wo Te ni Irete Moto Party Member to Sekai ni Fukushuu & “Zamaa!” Shimasu!

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Shounen

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Official J-Novel Club

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  • Thank you for the update! ^_^

  • The author seriously lucked out with the illustrator, they’re pretty good.

    The story is just fine probably the best revenge LN behind failure frame, not that there are many of those, the setting is interesting at least, with all the racism(elves hate humans that kind of thing) is easy to create conflict. You have to be somewhat desensitized to the female subordinates fawning over MC to an absurd degree tho, It’s otherwise hard to read, author tones it down eventually but it’s obvious it’s a feature.

    Even if I get bored I’ll still check out the illustrations at least so I hope to see more volumes. Also yea it has a stupidly long title

  • TL;DR

    Surprisingly better than anticipated writing.

    The world is a shitfest of asshole attitude everywhere.

    MC is an okay person with moderate character

    Reads like someone smooshed ideas from several popular LN/Anime together and blended em in an okay manner

    Would keep reading while nothing else is available.

  • Yesss finally vol 2!. Thanks a lot.

  • Volume 2 please

  • didnt expect i’m gonna comment here.
    Yesterday i choose random manga to read (because i was bored) and find this manga adaptation. I thought it’s gonna be generic “strong party kick me but actually they strong because of me” thing. Surprisingly the manga was good enough to read.
    The MC is like Raoul from “Fukushuu o Koinegau” although he still has a little bit of naivety. He create plans to take revenge to each of his former party members. Just like Raoul, he give their target an hope before crush it in front of them.
    Not gonna read the LN, i think i’ll just read the manga

  • Not good. Giving this a 4.5/10 is still pretty generous. The 1st volume and it’s already laden with filler. The dialogues are ridiculously repetitive in an over the top manner of servitude. The potentially good parts are simply skipped over. How he goes from level 12 to 9999, oh let’s just skip 3y ahead. Run in with bandits oh let’s just mentionit in a footnote. Registering with the guild oh we did that at some point. The magic system is stupid, the leveling system is stupid…

  • Thank you! Waiting for the PDF update ^-^

  • Thank you!! Waiting for the PDF update!!! ^_^

  • You’re supposed to put the synopsis on the back of the book, not in the title…

  • thought i’ll read this for the lulz. couldn’t get past 25%. i.. just… couldn’t.

    • same i was going to read it for a quick laugh but it is so unbearably, painfully cringe that its just sad, i couldnt get past chapter 1

    • I can live with a bad story OR bad writing OR unlikable characters if it just does something right. But this is … I think this is the worst ever LN without even something slightly good or interesting. It is just cringe. This is one of the very few books I had to drop after about an hour of reading.

  • people called synopsis tittle nowadays

  • I’ll read this, it reminds me of Arifureta minus the isekai. Idc about how cringe is this, I’m bored and since this is a harem I’ll definitely read it… I have a trash taste so I don’t mind reading trash.

  • Dropped it at the point when he even uses some golem or what ever to do his Gacha rolls…

  • Yeahhh finally

  • Tried the start. It is as bad as it sounds

  • This mf created a new concept of spoiler

  • What cringefest of a novel…

  • Wtf is that title!?
    I already know the content without reading OMG

  • I will read this

  • Who needs to read the novel when the title is as long as the novel?

  • Whole spoiler at the title lol

  • How many layers of irony are we at?

  • The title length is plain absurd. Who the fuck come with the name?

  • My God! what a long title lmao

  • This has to be the most bland synopsis I’ve ever seen. Publishers are just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what the retards will pay for.

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