Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

A dedicated gamer and antisocial shut-in downloads an update to her favorite fantasy RPG–only to find herself sucked into the game world for real. Reset to level one and equipped with only a cute bear onesie that grants her impressive abilities, Yuna sets out to explore her new reality–even though the fact that she can’t seem to take the bearsuit off gives her paws, er, pause!

Associated Names
Bear Bear Bear Kuma

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

Vol 1-13 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 13

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  • Thank you very much

  • Vol 11.5 just seems to be a collection of stuff that got cut from earlier volumes. So not really worth the time to read that “deleted” stuff that was originally send to the “trash bin”. It could have been interesting if there were some other perspectives on the fun parts but these snippets more often than not cut of just before that.

  • Man vol 11, is full of errors. wrong names being used, wrong people being attributed to dialogue, suddenly 2 different characters are the head chef of the castle.

  • i don’t like boys in isekai because it will turned to Harem

    • Plenty reverse harem crap out there too. This has some annoying feminist undertones too so it ain’t perfect just because it’s a girl in the lead. Don’t get me wrong it’s still one of my favorite isekais (although those bear puppet gloves are sooooo stupid, it’s a real eye sore).

  • what a pleasant surprise at the end of the year… thx for the 8th vol!

  • You know this bear girl (or the author) is quite discriminatory when it comes to gender. She only hires girls. Is generally a dick to the opposite sex (bears included) and forbids grown women to have male company over.

    • She doesn’t only hire girls. It’s purely coincidental that girls are available. She invited Deigha to work for her, but unfortunately, he refused since he didn’t want to leave the seaport. She also hired Gil along with Rulina to work as guards on several occasions. Pretty sure there are even male orphans working under her. She’s often a dick to male adventurers because come on, they pick a fight on her first. They always say she’s this weak person that isn’t supposed to be an adventurer. Pretty sure she’d beat them up even if they were girls. Lastly, she forbids the women to have guys over just like they do on all women’s dorms. All of her workers in Bear Bistro who were leaving on the second floor were girls so pretty much to avoid noises or disturbances between them, it’s better not to have some funny business going on. She didn’t prohibit them from doing stuffs with guys, that’s why she said to those “grown women” that they can find an inn or hotel or something somewhere else if they wanted to do something with guys.

      • There is the shit about her not liking boys shown with her thought process when Noir first met her.

        But the author doesn’t exactly treat male characters like shit and stuff, and there still are male characters (looking at you 300 years slime novel)

      • That’s like kinda “the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” to claim that something is coincidental in a written work of fiction… I sure hope I don’t need to spell out to you that IT’S UP TO THE AUTHOR, there are no coincidences.

        Deigha, just happens to have a daughter (“coincidentally” not a son) ready and available to work for Juna… Who the hell is Gil? Don’t even remember a side character like that, as a guard, does she need guarding? I’m not sure about the LN’s but the anime sure as hell has no boys working at the bear haven or whatever it was called. A place run by a women and her daughter and all the girls from the orphanage, the husband is “coincidentally” not in the picture anymore. Her second shop is also run very “coincidentally” by (adult) women (who “coincidentally” aren’t allowed to have men over at their own private living quarters).

        9 out of 10 people she (more than casually) interacts with are female. Of course male adventurers being the ones picking a fight is also just “coincidental” (no bitches allowed) just like how it was “coincidental” that the one female party member of that Deberony party was the only one coming along on that goblin quest. Shouldn’t Juna have been tagging along with the party that couldn’t fulfill he quest because they were a man short? Just a matter of coincidence right that all the male party members got shoved to the sidelines, right?

        It’s just a “coincidence” that arguable the most powerful noble of the kingdom is a woman (Cliff’s wife) as the king is portrayed less than fully competent (totally coincidental) and this same women just happens to treat her husband as dirt (and it’s not like he deserves it or anything).

        It’s also just “coincidence” that there hasn’t been a single female bad guy or rather bad girl as of yet right?

        I could go on (extensively) but I think I made my point.

    • Too much italic. Still, thank you though ❤️

  • this is my favorite light novel after konosuba end.

  • When is volume 4 coming out i wanna read it before the anime finishs up cz the anime goes as far as vol 4 bt i wanna read the book before it pass vol 3

  • thank your ver ymich!

  • ah my clarity.

  • available now

  • Is this going to be updated soon?

  • Finally vol.2 , thanks

  • Finally I’ve been waiting for this thanks a lot

  • thanks 🙂

  • Finally, an official translation for the light novel.
    Thanks for the upload.

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