Dungeon Busters

Clear all the dungeons! There are 666 of them and 10 years to do it. If not, the only thing that awaits…is total annihilation.

Ezoe Kazuhiko suddenly finds a mysterious underground space in his yard. When he steps into what turns out to be the very first dungeon in this world, he ends up activating the Dungeon System and learns from the mysterious beauty who appears to him, Akane, that the world is doomed to destruction if the 666 total dungeons that will be appearing in this world are not all cleared within 10 years.

As countries begin taking measures in response to the dungeons appearing all over the world, Ezoe seeks out companions together with whom he establishes Dungeon Busters Inc., a company dedicated to clearing all the dungeons in the world!

The curtains rise on this dungeon-delving epic with overwhelming realism!

Genre –
Action, Fantasy, Comedy

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  • Pretty good, but I found that I was basically skipping over geopolitical nonsense. At first, I was just turning my brain off, but then I found it was actually hurting my brain to look at the words. A lot of the stuff, particularly in regard to America, China, and South Korea’s attitude and behavior, was pretty dumb. Granted, that kind of thing seems to be expected from these contemporary modern-day fantasy novels.

    Great boobs art.

  • decided to give it a try and about 75% into volume 1, I already feel like dropping this. I think the premise is kinda interesting, as well and the powers/levelling, etc. It was slightly interesting at first seeing the MC get more powerful and stuff, but then it started getting pretty repetitive as well and messy. the constant jumping of POV and constant addition of new characters doesn’t help too. Well, the latter is understandable since that’s part of the premise, gathering ppl, creating a company, to clear a ton of dungeons, but still, it doesn’t make it easier to go through considering I don’t care for any of the characters. I’m not a writer so I can’t tell you exactly why, but I just feel like none of the characters (including the MC) are relatable, likeable, or makes you want to root for them. it’s like they are given one character trait and then their whole character just revolves around that. Also, this series is tagged as “comedy” but nothing in it so far is funny or comedic to read. I just remember some sex “jokes” like some female character being thirsty for MC, or some joke item with sex-related effects. “jokes” in quotes of course.

    a bit of a spoiler here…

    but they spend a while talking about how the dungeon will provide “drops” that ppl will want to attract them to enter the dungeon and clear them, and the introduction of a certain material that could be a source of renewable energy. that becomes what motivates japan to really invest into it (even encouraging civilians to do it)… but then like mentioned in the intro, they got 10 years to clear those dungeons or the world will end, and only the MC knows this at this point. So…. wouldn’t it be good for MC to at least advise the country to not be too reliant on the dungeon for resources? Once the country/countries gets really reliant and already built up the whole infrastructure around those resources, wouldn’t they be reluctant to let ppl destroy the dungeons thus making MC’s goal EVEN harder to achieve? considering that seems to be the MC’s primary goal, and MC is being portrayed as being really intelligent and meticulous, this feels like a bit too obvious to miss. Well, the author could have something planned to explain and resolve all that of course, but that is provided you like the writing/pacing/characters and find it enjoyable to keep reading and find out. for me, it’s just 1 volume and i already find it a bit tedious. For me, D-Genesis is so much more enjoyable to read if you want something with a somewhat similar story but with much more likeable characters.

  • Premise and writing is decent to okay.

    While there have been comparisons to “Solo Leveling”, the MC is less of a solo-power house and more of a leader leading by example (and having a couple companions surpass him in combat prowess).

    The politics are as wonky as in Solo Leveling (E.g. in SL, Japan gets devastated after trying to fuck with Korea; China is neutral towards South Korea), but from a Japanese perspective, and with all the other countries being slightly re-named and overly exaggerated in their respective policies/attributes.

    The “repeatedly stating the same from different PoV” point is literally the plot following different (side/minor) characters and each of those PoVs having a rather short “I thought this about Event X and Y” introduction.

    Decent enough read
    Comments are still not really helpful
    Fluffy Animal companions are in this LN.

  • Well I was half way thru vol 3 and I had stop reading after the author shows his true self as some ultra right wing Japanese nationalist. Basically every nations on Earth is now sucking Japan’s dick because Japan now has the bestest dungeon diver. China some how has forgiving all Japan’s war crimes from WW2 and never mention Nanjing Massacre ever again.

    • Dude, it was obvious from Volume 1, when he wrote about the (Not) Statue of Peace in front of the Japanese Embassy in (not) Korea as something (not) Koreans should basicaly be ashamed of. 😀

      For reference:

      “The Statue of Peace (…) is a symbol of the victims of sexual slavery, known euphemistically as comfort women, by the Japanese military during World War II”

      Truth to be told I’m not sure if he’s ultra-right, but he’s definitely rightwing and as revisionist as he can be without being cancelled by publishers. You know, like that other author who made a japanese war criminal his MC.

  • Imagine you cleared a dungeon and that dungeon turned into a breasts.

  • Will vol 2 premium be added? Only the non-premium for vol 2 is there despite vol 1 premium being present

  • This reads like a Japanese “Solo Leveling” version.

    And by that I mean the geopolitics are like that except with the Japanese on top instead of the Koreans….

    As for the concept itself, it feels like it’s a prologue-ish in that the dungeons and the dungeon busting profession is fully set up and operating in Solo Leveling, while Dungeon Busting is about their first appearance and world adaptation.

    Also, China being a mutually cooperative country… hahaha. Funny in the, “I wanna shoot you” sort of way. Parasitic is the only real description needed. Taiwan however, nice.

  • When will vol 2 be up?

  • When is volume 2 comming out?

  • please update vol 2

  • Is it worth reading?

  • sounds interesting with a rather unique premise

  • First half of the novel was interesting but it does suffer from repeatedly stating the same stuff over and over. Usually with multiple POV.

  • the cover has my attention

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