The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash 

In Ivy’s world, stars are everything. She’s a Tamer, born to subdue monsters and animals, but she was also born starless! With her life in danger, Ivy flees into the forest where she befriends a weak little slime named Sora–the one creature she can tame. Together, the unlikely pair set off on a journey, salvaging rubbish to survive. Along the way they’ll win hearts, evade danger, and discover there’s more to starless Ivy than meets the eye!

Associated Names
Saijaku Tamer wa Gomihiroi no Tabi wo Hajimemashita.
The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick up Trash.

Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Translation Group
Official Seven Seas

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Comments 3

  • I was reading the WN enjoy its slice of life aspect …. Until the end of the kidnaping arc …. Its just the decision of adventuring byherself and rejecting offer from people that she can trust is really weird … I mean imagine if u are reincarante as a child, then u just experience kidnaping incident that u need help to clear it, …. And then u gonna decide to adventure by urself even with what happen? Its just a really weird, if its more realistic then i can imagine the mc got kidnapped by other bad people right away (since the mc dont have physical/special to protect herself when its come to physical force)

  • Read the first volume.
    I have no idea about the WN.

    It reads pretty decently, though there is a good bit of sad/antagonism towards the MC mixed in between pretty decent Slice of life and interesting plot-things.

    So far, its definitely NOT earned the tragedy tag anytime soon, and its generally more of a go-lucky experience, similar to “I will never set foot in this house again” LN (or what that name was).

  • the WN was awesome, until i realized the story was getting a bit too long after 150 chapters. there is no hint it will be ending soon, and keep on going and honestly after much chapters I just kind of exhausted and when i look back on total chapters it had, what kind of plot future chapters will be, I re-think about it and decide to just drop it, it was good and fun read ngl.

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