Reincarnated as an Apple: This Forbidden Fruit Is Forever Unblemished!

My name is Daisuke Furutsu, and I died getting hit by a truck full of apples. Yes, I know it’s a cliché setup. Apparently somebody upstairs fell asleep on the job. Anyway, as an apology, God lets me draw five Cards of Fate that are supposed to grant me superpowers in my next life. My first four draws are amazing—stuff like magic and an infinite inventory. But everything changes with the fifth card: a “curse” that turns me into whatever killed me. I thought I was gonna end up a truck, but now I’m an apple!

Luckily, I’ve made a friend who can teach me how to move around. I also end up saving a wannabe adventurer who just might be willing to take me along for the ride. Time for this overpowered apple to get rollin’!

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

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