The Strongest Knight is Actually a Cross-Dressing Noblewoman?!

She Slays Monsters and Hearts Alike!

Bernstein, the daughter of a marquess but christened as a boy, attends an all-boys military academy. A knight of idol status, she must hide her gender from everyone—even her friends—to graduate. But she dreams of establishing an order of female knights in a kingdom where knights are exclusively male, hoping that one day she’ll be able to openly serve her nation with honor. When a monster appears, taking down knight after knight, Bernstein sets out to accomplish what no man has done before: vanquish a beast of legend and earn her place in history!

What will become of Bernstein as she prepares to fight this legendary monster that slays every knight that faces it? What will her friends and colleagues think when they discover that the strongest knight is actually a woman?!

School Life , Romance

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Official Cross Infinite World

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Comments 8

  • The story is pretty okay. It wraps up pretty well anyway. This is definitely a one-and-done story. I don’t suspect there’s any more beyond this one volume.

    The synopsis is a little misleading in that the final sentence of the first paragraph, and the entire second paragraph are pretty much non-existent story elements.

  • It’s okay till the point it seems to turn into a yaoi story.

  • The synopsis is, as usual, misleading/focusing on a tiny aspect of an actually okay story.

    The MC appears somewhat dense regarding the affections of others, though its less “airhead/dense brain matter” and more a rather articulated “Im not aware how this romance stuff works” behavior.

    I have no idea, and neither care, why the previous posts are weird.

    This story is a 7,5/10 if you like smooth romance/teasing and okay-ish plot and characters.
    No real issues.

  • this is seriously messed up.. what the hell
    also the synopsis is woefully misleading

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