Magical Explorer

Reincarnated as a character in the legendary erotic game, “Magical Explorer,” it doesn’t take long for our hero to discover that he’s been designated the unlucky side-character rather than the game’s lady-killer protagonist. Not to worry, though! Armed with his vast knowledge of the game (and a few cheats) he’ll do whatever it takes to win the hearts of the game’s heroines and emerge as the most accomplished student at the Sorcerer’s Academy!

Associated Names
Magical★Explorer – It seems I have become a Friend of the Protagonist in an Eroge World, but because Magic is fun I have abandoned the role and train myself.

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 3

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Comments 15

  • The story is surprisingly wholesome. Sure, if you hate ecchi or harem you won’t like this as well. I personally enjoyed the three current volumes immensely.

    The MC gets transferred into his favorite Eroge game as one of the male side characters who usually acts as a comic relief. However he enters a few weeks before the game starts and that leads to several changes of the story making him way more than the sidekick character by establishing bonds and acting seriously he leaves the hero whom he befriends nonetheless in the dust. His goal is to get the perfect ending by rescuing all the heroines (himself). And that means he needs to get strong fast.

    With his knowledge about the world’s dungeons and what treasures are within them he sets out to to become the strongest in the world. However since he changed the story in the beginning not everything plays out as expected.

  • Picture the most stereotypical ecchi harem story from an eroge/manga/anime you can think of. That’s this story. It’s exactly as you expect it. Not worth reading at all.

  • Any leak about vol 3? I am tired of waiting.

  • When vol 3 came up.. ..
    I wish i can read in summer holiday

  • Yesss!!! Vol. 2
    Thank You!!!!

  • Need more of this novel please

  • Anyone knows when vol 2 gonna be out? Search it but can’t find

  • Vol 2 is out, please update xd

  • Interesting concept and story but dogshit beta mc like always.

  • Yes!!!
    This novel finally out!!
    I read the wn and it’s enjoyable, not a masterpiece but for people who like this type of genre the this one can be included in the upper rank

    • Yeah i read it too. Btw at what site yo read it? Is it also stopped at chapter 136/137?

      • The wn itself stopped at chap 155 because the author focus on LN ver (the latest is vol 6).

        While the translator delete his translation because finally we have official english ver from yen press.

  • Woaaahhhhh naisuuuu

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