I’d Rather Have a Cat than a Harem!

Cats Are Better Than Harems!

I’ve been reincarnated into the world of an otome game, and… What? My mom did, too? Even my dad and my older brother?

Meet Amy, the daughter of the Earl of Northland. Her entire family has been reincarnated as the aristocratic Northland family. In an attempt to amicably remove herself as a candidate for the Third Prince’s fiancée (which would certainly cement her position as the game’s villainess), Amy has taken drastic measures—eating tons of food and just enjoying life (at her mother’s suggestion).

With this reincarnation, Amy has been given a precious second chance at life, and this time, nothing—not even an otome game—is going to stop her from fulfilling her dream… Amy wants a cat!

Fantasy, Romance

Translation Group
Official Cross Infinite World

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 2

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Comments 9

  • Love how these people are shitting on a novel because of their title. Reminds me of the ignorance of Genshin fandom where they shit on a characters based on leaks lmao. Not saying the novel is good or anything tho, cause I haven’t read it also, that’s why I’m not saying anything bout the novel till then.

  • Cute. Wholesome. If you don’t mind the otome game thing then its a great little story. Only 2 volumes.. Both a good and bad thing.. It ends nicely but still you could see it going on just as easy. Its more slice of life and not like “OMG OP protag! Look at her kill all the things” or anything.

  • I’m not a cat person I’m more of a dog person so not for me

  • One thing i like about these overexplained LN’s titles is that you already know it’s shitty from the get-go

    • Are you for real? It is a rhetorical question, no need to reply.

      In my experience for both anime and LN:

      The Title says nothing about quality, actual plot and plot progression.

      The synopsis is about accurate for the first episode of an anime and most often for the first chapter(!) in a LN, or the first volume at most.

      Without reading at least the first volume yourself, you can not judge any LN.
      The reviews on other sites and this one are biased and very much opinionated instead of helpful for the overwhelming majority of posts.

      I´d recommend reading the first volume of any LN to see how the writing and characters are depicted, and perhaps read also the second volume to see how the author progresses things, before judging a LN.

  • ahhh sorry, maybe not all of them, i refuse to think Deathbound Duke’s Daughter is a shallow read, this is one is quite deep, in its story, world building and Aesthetics.

  • isnt all otome game LNs is just a bunch of shallow reads? being lazy is just part of it, that is nothing new.

    • While the premise is just stupid the cat is one mean looking cat from hell. Too much contradictory from the girl and find it funny

  • WTF type of premise is that? I swear dude this Otome Game series are getting lazier then isekais.

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