Dragon and Ceremony

Broke and recently homeless, fledgling wandmaker Ix leaves his isolated village in search of employment only to run into Yuui, a girl with a contract entitling her to a free wand repair from his late instructor. But when Ix decides to honor the guarantee and complete the job in his teacher’s stead, he quickly realizes that this is no routine tune-up. Against all odds, Yuui’s wand is powered by the heart of a mythical creature thought to have gone extinct over a thousand years ago—a dragon. To complete the restoration and put both their pasts to rest, the pair must now uncover the truth behind the dragons’ disappearance from the world…

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Translation Group
Official Yen Press Ver

Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 3

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Comments 13

  • Does this have romance?

  • I thought this series was axed but there is a volume 2 out

  • This is pretty well written especially how things that need to get figured out by the main characters aren’t blatantly obvious, it drags a bit here and there but overall I’d place it at the higher end of the mediocre part of the spectrum so lets say a 6.x (1-3 bad; 4-6 mediocre; 7-9 good; 10 masterpiece). I would place it higher if it generally was more satisfying. Having a main character whose specialty is wand making unable to use magic is not a satisfying character to read about and there is no indication that situation is going to change any time soon. There is also this weird notion that his perspective makes him uniquely qualified in wand making. That makes no sense it’s like saying a blacksmith unable to swing a blade around makes him uniquely qualified to make excellent blades (imagine Declan in King of Ashes with such handicap, ridiculous). Not really looking forward to the continuation of the series as is seems likely every volume is going to be similar to the first but based around one of the shops of other fellow former apprentices.

    • I think they think it the way like this, “if you could use magic, you can feel and test the flow of mana on the wand. That would help a wandmaker to carve the wand. Not being able to use magic means you have no way to know for sure how well the magic would flow around the wand.”

      Not saying it’s legitimate logic, but we hanged a guy who said earth is round. Things are ridiculous and I hope the author would explore this. Thing is, this volume doesn’t revolve much around the wandmaking itself but rather the world and some characters. The mc has potential to grow and possibly evolve the wandmaking process.

      • I’m not sure about that “evolve the wandmaking process”. I mean they came up with that composite core thing but next thing we see -the massive dragon heart- kinda pulls the rug right out from under it at least for ix and co. And as long as there is no way to exceed the power of dragon heart material; wandmaking isn’t really evolving.

        By the way anyone else got hung up on the name Ix? I mean first you have to wonder if it says ix or Lx, most fonts don’t properly differentiate between I and l (Il there’s a tiny height difference with the font presented to me right now). Next I started wondering about the i being necessary or not I mean ix or x sounds pretty much the same. At one point my mind started to automatically turn it into something along the line of six reading it. Then there is the meaning of the “word”, apparently is means snow, why not call the character Snow then (or maybe snow in anther language like Schnee as it’s common to see German words in LN’s); I think that would have fit better anyway.

    • I’d say the notion is more akin to saying an outsider’s perspective is more objective and rational. The explanation given suggests that magic leads wandmakers to get too intimate with their wands which clouds their judgement. Treating them more like living organisms rather than tools to be pushed to their limits.

      • Alright but that doesn’t mean a magic capable wand maker can’t look at it from another perspective. And wouldn’t wand makers be familiar with that perspective from their early days as an apprentice before they could do anything with magic during the process?

        • No they wouldn’t be. It’s not about wandmaking experience, it’s about the ability to sense mana and use magic. It’s supposedly inherent to every human being in that world and thus affects their perception of reality. It’s something much more grander than a simply looking at something from another angle. I’d imagine it’s something like how a blind person’s other senses become accentuated to compensate for the lack of sight. Magic i simply a sixth sense. I’d imagine we’d learn more about how that affects the wandmaking process in a subsequent novel.

  • Found it an unexpectedly enjoyable read. Really nice world-building. Though it certainly feels like any subsequent novels would be completely unnecessary. The primary objective was achieved and the characters were able to find nice resolutions to their arcs. Should simply be a stand-alone.

  • Wow a new IP Hu? Those are kinda rare nowdays, i really hadnt heard of this one at all, too Bad it seems kind of … Idk meh? Or who knows really it’s a little rare to have puré fantasy and no isekai, though the novel cover screams bait.

    The girl does look great though, real good lol.

  • Looks interesting, thanks.

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