Tower of the Sun

ABANDON THE PURSUIT OF ORDINARY HAPPINESS! One young man’s barren college life changes forever when he shares a budding romance with a girl named Mizuo…only for it to all come crashing down when she has the gall to dump him! With the specter of a solitary Christmas Eve looming, he tears through the streets of Kyoto with just his powerful (some might say delusional) imagination to protect him from the cruel world at large. A Japanese fantasy novel for every man who’s been let down by love—and those still bracing for it!

Genre –
Fantasy, Romance

Translation Group
Official Yen Press ver

Vol 1 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 1

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  • Bruh the links are not working

  • This book is really weird, and likely not the kind of thing you’re expecting if you’re used to reading novels from this site. Firstly, it’s not a series, this is a standalone book about a really lonely guy. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s very funny at times but ultimately has little plot to speak of and meanders to an underwhelming ending. I’d say if you want to read a more modern Japanese take on “Catcher in the Rye” I’d give it a go, but don’t expect too much

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