Chronicles of the Hidden World: How I Became a Doctor for the Gods

After dying in our world, Yae is reborn into a strange country called Izumo, which resembles ancient Japan, except for the fact that the supernatural is commonplace. When she is attacked by a terrifying monster called a shade, Yae has no choice but to release Arai, a golden tiger and former god, from his seal. In no time, the bossy tiger has her helping to find his brother, Sui, but it turns out that Sui has fallen ill and will soon become a monster himself. Arai, however, thinks Yae is just the person to heal his afflicted sibling… Does Yae really have what it takes to be doctor to a god?

Genre –
Romance, Sci-fi

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1 epub/pdf
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  • I can’t kill you, so I must serve you! One of the worst and trite themes in light novels and Chinese fantasy. He’s abusively domineering, dark and powerful, gorgeous as jade, germophobic, and makes the FL look weak and stupid who needs to smacked into shape. Total piece of shit. “Don’t think I’ll let you get away with anything because you’re handsome and wild natured”! is one of the first thing she says to him. A really shitty type of romance.

  • Gave vol 1 a shot and it was really good and way different from what I was expecting. It kinda felt like a combination of shoujo and bakemonogatari.

  • This kinda remind me with (kami-sama something something).

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