Rapunzel of the Magic Item Shop

What Secrets Does The Magic Item Shop Hold?

In a kingdom where magic is strictly outlawed, a young sorcerer named Lille finds herself imprisoned in a tower for no reason other than simply existing. After ten years of being locked up, a huge, mythical bird suddenly appears on her windowsill to whisk her away. The bird—a familiar called Ark—takes her to a quaint little house, where he introduces her to his master, a sorcerer named Charles. Charles decides to take Lille on as his apprentice, alongside another young sorcerer named Leo. As her new life begins, Lille discovers what it means to have a family, and even what it means to fall in love. Through her shop-keeping duties at Charles’ Magic Item Shop, she gradually adjusts to life in the outside world. The more she learns, however, the more she finds herself wrapped up in Charles and Leo’s secrets…

Genre –
Fantasy, Romance

Translation Group
Official Cross Infinite World

Vol 1 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 1

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