Kibishii Onna Joushi ga Koukousei ni Modottara Ore ni Dere Dere suru Riyuu

Ginjirou Tokuyama and Yom bring you a romcom full of unrequited but mutual love!

Average company worker Shimono spends his days constantly being helped and scolded by his superior and section chief Kamijou Touka. One day, he finds himself having traveled back in time to his high school years. He sees this as a chance to aggressively approach the section chief a second time around, only to find out that very woman had turned into a girl constantly acting lovey-dovey towards him!

Turns out that she also time leaped back in time to the same point as Shimono. She was under the impression that she was the only one who traveled back in time, deciding to act as lovey-dovey and close with Shimono, who she actually had feelings for at the time.

“W-Wait, are you actually the Shimono-kun from the sales department?! Ahhh, this is so embarrassing, I want to dieeeeee!”

Through this leap in time begins a romantic story depicting this mutually unrequited love!

Associated Names
Kibishii Onna Joushi ga Koukousei ni Modottara Ore ni Dere Dere suru Riyuu ~ Ryoukataomoi no Yaronaoshi Koukousei Seikatsu~
Why is my strict boss melted by me?

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Shounen, Slice of Life

Translation Group
CClaw Translations

Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 3

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Comments 5

  • Upping this for volume 4. Series completed.

  • This is an enjoyable enough, but cliche slice of life rom-com with two overly dense protagonists. They don’t do enough with the time travel concept but mention differences between first and second timelines. Which eventually makes sense by the end of the 3rd novel. The “mutually unrequited love” is because the two protagonists do love each other but think the other still views them as only business associates so they don’t act on their feelings. Makes you want to scream at times over how stupid they both are.

  • Dont really recommend, it’s one of those were author thought dense was a synonym of mentally handicapped retard, the mc is an embarrassment and it’s just frustrating to read through.

    If you’re a masochist or enjoy a story where nothing happens then sure go for it I guess, of not there’s ton of other great romcoms don’t waste your time here.

  • “mutually unrequited love” ? What?

  • thank you!!

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