Monster Tamer

One thousand Japanese high school students are suddenly thrust into an unfamiliar world rife with dangerous monsters. Their survival becomes dependent on those who awaken to unexplainable powers. Majima Takahiro, a normal second-year student, does not get any such power. Instead, he joins the majority of students building the homestead. But when a group of empowered students revolt, Takahiro is left wandering the forest on the verge of death. Having lost all faith in humanity, he finds salvation from an unlikely source: monsters!

Associated Names –
Monster no Goshujinsama

Genre –
Action, Fantasy, Isekai

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

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Comments 15

  • Not a mastapiece, but I can’t help but wonder if the others here missed some key things about this one.

    Note: this is not a isekai ‘we go murder murdery’ powers adventure. It’s character stuff, which you may or may not agree with, seeing as many of the characters are kinda learning to be human. The conflict isn’t set up super clearly or early, and it’s written more like a travel log (I’ve mtl’d the source wn to the end once, couldn’t understand shit between wn chapter 6-9) so if you’re expecting something like the other ‘max out your stats’ or ‘defeat demon lord’ isekai then don’t read this. MuTen? MuTen is better, so if it feels boring i can only say your expectations are high, if it feels cringe i can only say you’re inconsistent.

    As for edge, 1 this isn’t even close to the edgiest, 2 the entire thing is mc figuring out whether or not to be edge, how, and when, and 3, if you really think he’s edge beyond belief then you probably didn’t make it past vol 2 for other reasons.

    The ero stuff is meh imo, the battles are not the focus so it’s also meh. Dunno what the other reviewers are on, must’ve seen ‘cheats!’ and thought it was gonna be tsukimichi or weakest mage, and then we’re disappointed when that wasn’t the direction.

    I enjoyed it. You might too. Try it, a volume or two.

    • What novel is MuTen?

    • My problem was the POV (point of view) changes, they really make things slow and tbh pretty boring. Like when the POV starts changing to Rose for example I was the least interested in her as a character, and each time a Rose POV comes up it feels like a chore to read through it. When a novel starts feeling like a chore to read yeah it’s a drop for me.

  • I just read first vol so here somethibg i wanna say/ask
    Probably furries in future
    Mc too naive ?
    Missed harem tag ?
    Last part of vol 1 kinda meh…
    The only things that i like when mc interact with another human, other than that like monster fight is just soooo boring af so plain.

    • Indeed monster girl harem lameness (no furries (yet)). Why why why this obsession with harem building with this sort of literature? Or if it never actually gets to that why why why this one guy surrounded by girls shtik? The last volume I read (5) even dropped the male friend that was around which was actually kinda nice even it was an underlit aspect.

  • yup…. its boring
    no real objective
    too much filler / explained things too long

    but,,, it seem that by the end of vol 4 they will start to fight
    (yes vol 1-3 full of dialogues)

  • I agree, combat’s boring, characters are boring, the only redeeming quality is the erotic scenes.

  • This is one of the worst things ever written, it was even published. Read western harem lit instead of this beta garbage. Herald of Shalia, there, something competently written and is unapologetic about it. So edgy, when all the author wants to do is fuck monster girls. Don’t know why he made the tone so serious when he can’t really write anyway. Better to just go all in with the trash than end up with this half-baked garbage.

    • Yup it’s not good. I find myself mostly only reading the dialog (and trying not to fall asleep). This whole series is set up from the get go to be filler, filler and then some filler (what a disappointment). For instance there is this part in vol 2 where they figure they have to do a mana transfer to save the mc, 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. pages further they actually get to it all the wile moaning about is is safe can I really do it bla bla blaaa.

  • will this be updated later on or is it just this volume foreves? .. it’s fine if it’s updated 2 no maybe 3 years later on even so.

  • Man chapter 13 was really boring. The rst of the novel was ok, but man, that part was really boring.

  • Thank you

    I wished this novel from long time ago

    Just a thing, If creator of this website see this message, please respond me, enough just a yes or no

    Is it possible do suggestions for other novels to create pdfs or epubs?

    If affirmative, I’ve just seen japanese web or light novels, but can be suggested chinese novels and/or OLN (original in english) too?

  • Thank you very much 🙂

  • Thank you so much!.

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