King of the Labyrinth

Within the tenth-floor boss room of the Sazardon Labyrinth, the mighty minotaur awakens once more. Unlike its predecessors, slain at the hands of treasure-seeking adventurers, this monster’s primal urges push it further than ever before. Kill. Consume. Grow stronger. The more powerful its opponent, the more powerful it becomes. Even the very rules of the labyrinth seem to bend to its indomitable will. Can none triumph against this bovine behemoth? Will the minotaur ever meet its match…?

Associated Names
Meikyu no Ou

Fantasy, Adventure

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 3

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Comments 5

  • I like dungeon, RPG, level up, go kill monsters or monsters kill adventurers stuff but this is boring. I mean im not saying Lazy Dungeon Master(just giving an example, there are more similar stuff), is one of the BEST but even story is bad, its fun to read. You might not like some parts but at least some parts funny or good so that you dont feel like to close the book. But not this. It was really waste of time to go to the link.

  • If you really enjoyed okami wa nemurai you will enjoyed this that’s it

  • ShienBIS is also the author who wrote okami wa nemuranai. this novel aint trash you guys just cant see its charms.

  • is it really that trash

  • Just a novel about a mindless beast, nothing really great. It’s boring as hell yet the pages just fly by since you can easily skim and not miss a thing since it’ll be repeated. Is it a Chinese author that wrote this? Must be since it’s trash.

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