Guide to the Perfect Otaku Girlfriend: Roomies and Romance

If I’m going to find a girlfriend, she has to be an otaku. She’ll be beautiful, innocent, with long black hair, and she’ll like all the stuff that I like!
Kokoro Nishina, the girl I’m living with, is the exact opposite of that. So why did I promise that I’d turn that flashy, extroverted gyaru into the ideal otaku girlfriend?!
Sadly, I know just how it feels to need a little self-improvement to find the perfect date… and there’s no way a girl like that will tell her friends that she’s actually a closet fujoshi. But I’ll teach her—then maybe she can teach me too! With my expertise, she’ll definitely become an otaku’s dream girl!

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Dousei kara Hajimaru Otaku Kanojo no Tsukurikata

Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance

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  • ***SPOILER HEAVY**** Critique of the last volume and by extension the series as a whole

    As the couple of comments prior indicate, the final volume makes one feel conflicted. I did not feel conflicted personally. I only felt bitter. A kind of bitterness that can make one feel empty.
    To be frank, I found this last volume an utter disappointment, a terrible conclusion to a series that could have only been called average at best in the first place.

    The novel is riddled with problems but I will first begin with a key issue that’s been plaguing the series as a whole. The fact that the relationship between the protagonist and the main heroine was barely developed romantically if at all for the past four volumes prior. She was more of a supporting character in her own story, supporting the MC in his romantic endeavors. That is to say, I do not dislike their relationship. I felt like it worked perfectly fine platonically and the few times she did get the spot-light, they felt like really good friends.

    In contrast, aside from some of the other side-heroines, his relationship with Minami experienced the most romantic development, albeit one-sidedly. As such, you couldn’t help but be most invested in her relationship with him. The novel felt like it showed so much favoritism towards her, it felt like you were meant to root for her. And by the end of the 4th volume, he actually entered a relationship with her whilst his feelings towards Kokoro were completely platonic. It was hard to imagine how the MC would end up with Kokoro when things were set up so perfectly for him. But with the sudden reintroduction of Kokoro’s parents back in the story right at the end, you just knew that wasn’t going anywhere. The question was how it was going to pan out.

    And what this novel does is condense all romantic development between the main duo in a single volume. Geez you had an entire series…But I digress, the abrupt shift from friends to lovers felt jarring at best and cringeworthy at worst. Things felt so rushed as if the author just wanted to get things done and move on with his life. Thus it comes off as no surprise that this volume is really short, even by the standard of the series whose volumes were on the shorter end already.

    Thus yet again at the start Minami was sidelined for these ”fake dating” shenanigans. Happened in Volume 4 where right after her confession, the MC couldn’t help but meander with other crap and focus on dealing with his sister. It’s not the reader who truly feels conflicted but the novel itself. On one side, the emotional peaks and romantic developments lean on a Minami route, on the other whenever the story has the opportunity to dip deeper, it has the protagonist be distracted with other matters and Minami preoccupied with her career. Yet again, in this volume the MC barely does anything that amounts to ‘dating’ and ‘spending time with her’ aside from the date in the end. This isn’t even undercooked, it’s raw. The author didn’t even give their relationship a chance.

    But let’s briefly go back to the ML and FL romance. The ‘fake dating’ was painful to read. The dude finally gets into a relationship and what does the author decide to do immediately? Force the MC to cheat on his gf for plot. Clap clap clap. Well done. At least it was brief, like this volume. But to what end? To some of the most shoddy, halfbaked and generic romantic developments I’ve ever seen. This might be one of the worst romances I’ve ever seen, and it’s a romance novel. How can you fail so hard?

    Only to somehow fail even harder, head first. What is there more from a conflicting direction, poor pacing and rushed romance? Painting your protagonist as some asshole all of a sudden and making him out to seem unlikeable.

    The previous two heroines had a final moment with the MC which made it out as if he had mistreated them.

    Let’s begin with Yume, The MC helped her out with finding a precious lost item once and she immediately falls for him hard and they become friends, Granted the MC was motivated in the search of a partner but they were no more than that. But she immediately gets the wrong idea about the relationship and begins to spam him, act clingy and even become possessive. Treating her friendship with him as if they were supposedly dating. It’s understandable that the MC would strongly be repulsed by someone coming at him so strongly and so suddenly. Granted he could have been more direct with her and confront her feelings which would have been the best course of action, he still decided a softer approach by talking to her less to signal to her that he isn’t interested. But now in a sudden twist she’s portrayed as a normal girl that got unjustifiably neglected by the MC who completely disregarded her feelings. Boohoo. He really did ”change her world” didn’t he. If only we actually got to see it.

    Then there’s Mashiro. She was dishonest with him, she rejected him(iirc) and they even lost contact. Understandably the man would see the obvious cue to move on. But now she’s upset that the dude is trying to move on after all of that and feeling led on? Give me a break.

    But now the MC is this heart-breaker. But then the biggest heart break comes which I see as the MC legitimately being a dipshit. He agrees to date Minami, but it never felt like he was even invested in the relationship. Not even willing to ask her out on dates because ”she was too busy”. It was so half-assed that when he broke up with her, I could only bid this relationship a good riddance. A chick way out of his league fell in love with him and she didn’t even force herself on him, he acted as if he reciprocated. Yet only to fall in love with someone else soon after. In the end, she showed complete understanding which only adds to how bitter their relationship feels. Now he really did lead someone on.

    I find it remarkable yet baffling how hard this novel failed on all levels. It truly does feel like the author lost steam in the end. Not only that, it never truly felt like he was willing to explore any relationships beyond the surface level and actually develop a proper romance. A total shame. There were some decent tid-bits every now and then. But it is how it is.

    • So who he ended up with?
      I am only need that answer before reading this 😱

    • Thanks for your opinion. Personally, I decided to think that the series ended on the 4 volume, and reading your summary makes me feel justified.

    • Normally not a fan of huge reviews but in this case I’d like to sincerely thank you for stopping me wasting my time starting this series. Going by what you’ve described here I would have been pissed when I got to the end, glad I found this review

  • We need side story for other heroines.

  • It’s the final Volume, Now as I’ve said at the start it’s a fluffy read so we get the happy ending.

    But if you didn’t feel conflicted at the start of the final volume, I don’t know about that.

  • just a fair warning to those who want to read this, Final volume will leave you feeling conflicted, but otherwise it’s a good fluffy read

  • Wow,there is a Saekano’s Heroine cosplay as ilustration 😮
    Thank you so much ^^

  • Interesting…

  • Finally romcom

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