Busy Wizard: This Warlock Just Wants to Provide for his Wives!

After years of honing his magic deep in the mountains, eighteen-year-old Christophe dreams of making a name for himself in the imperial capital. But en route to the city where his fortune awaits, he meets a battered and beaten, yet surprisingly well-bred girl.

Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance

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Review By JLN’s Community

Busy wizard is probably the first nukige type erotic novel to get licensed in english. (I don’t count JK Haru because it’s rather depressing to get off to.) Probably 70% of the content is sex scenes but there’s a proper plot there. MC is ridiculously OP, there’s a reincarnated guy who’s not MC, but still a nice guy who gets sex scenes too. The villainess? Has a reverse harem situation going on and from the author’s afterword, it’s clear that the basic outline of the plot stems from the recently booming otome game genre. So far, through vol 1, there’ve been no NTR-like elements, and while the big baddie is called a slut and whore, reverse harems aren’t actually frowned upon.
Due to the nature of this title, and emphasis on sex scenes, the plot happens quite literally in the background as characters sometimes casually mention half important scenes in passing.
The writing is in first person with multiple perspectives, putting the reader into the shoes of every major character at least once. But while the characters all have proper motivations, they seem to lack the depth necessarily to make you crazily attached to any one. Maybe that’s just me.
The world building leaves a lot to the imagination, glossing over many fantasy elements as if to imply that you should know this stuff already. There’s been no mention of elves, which is a little disappointing, but on the upside? The magic system is soft. Meaning no wierd rpg mechanics such as levels and skills.
On another note, the local Pantheon appears to be very whimsical and clearly allude to Greek gods and goddesses. Everyone who’s anyone looks to have a deity giving them a boost.
All in all, I read this for the erotic content but appreciated that the plot isn’t just slapped on.


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